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									Say It With An Emoticon And Your Readers Will LOL
Posted by admin On February 23, 2010 7:25 AM

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to instant messaging, email and
even text messaging. It isn?t uncommon for words to be shortened down to one or two letters during informal
conversations. Words like you become ?u?, nevermind can be shortened to ?nvm?. Even entire sentences
have a shorthand equivalent. For example, the phrase ?be right back? is simply written ?BRB?; even long
phrases like ?bending over smacking my knee laughing? is a quick flick of the thumbs and written as

Aside from shorthand words and phrases, there are more symbolic combinations meant to convey a smile, frown, or other expression.
These happy, sad or angry emoticons help express irony, sarcasm, delight or other emotions that are sometimes lost in shorthand,
emails or text messages.

For example, you can text a heart, or symbol of love, by writing <3. Smiley faces are one of the most common emoticons and there is a wide
range of specialty smiles aside from the most common,

. In fact, the vampire novel and vampire television series trends have even staked a claim in the world of emoticons with their
vampire emoticon, :-E .

Using emoticons in an email is a fun way to keep the mood light or get across the tone of your message. The written word can
sometimes leave a little bit of room for interpretation. By using an angry emoticon you can let your audience or recipient know that you
are upset, sad, annoyed or frustrated.

Some of the most common angry emoticon symbols are


. You can even furrow your eyebrows at someone by typing or texting >:-( . Typing an angry emoticon like this is a great way to
connect with your reader despite the lack of body language or intonation through email or text.

Although it can be a fun and a creative challenge to come up with new or unique symbols to convey your emotion, there are even
more artistic ways to send a happy face or silly face through an email or instant message. Some instant message forums or email
providers automatically convert emoticon codes into graphic smiley faces.

If your email provider or social network does not offer just the right wink or angry emoticon to get your message across, then you can
find html codes and links to embed animated and creative emoticons to spice up your message.

And smiley faces are not the be all and end all of emoticons. There are emoticon characters for every character, animal or item you
can think of. You can easily find the perfect sad, crying, smiling, angry, mad, in love, crazy or wild emoticon to get across the perfect
message with a bit of flair.

Using an emoticon is also a perfect way to say a lot in a short space. When character space is limited, using shorthand phrases and
emoticons will let you say a lot with as little characters as possible. Do not let your frustration, anger, irony or humor lose its luster in
vague text; add an emoticon to express your precise meaning .

Why type what you are feeling when you can use an emoticon? After all, a picture really is worth a thousand words, or in some cases,
140 characters.

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