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					EURSOC news and comment from Europe: Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images                      10/20/10 3:56 PM

EURSOC news and comment from Europe
The Birth Pangs of a New Global Order

April 09, 2009
Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images

This is the video the French authorities don't want you to see. An unprovoked attack on a young passenger on a Paris night bus
by a gang of savages, likely from one of the dangerous banlieue around the capital.
Passengers who tried to intervene were themselves attacked.

Warning: It is disturbingly violent.

The assault was recorded by bus CCTV. A policeman posted the video on a Facebook site: He has been arrested and suspended
from his post. The authorities fear the video is being used by right-wing sites to stir up fear about racist violence by black and
arab youths against French citizens.

French authorities have been demanding the removal of the video from blogs and video hosting services.

The President of the Paris transport authority RATP has described the video as "a crime in which the RATP is the victim:
Unbelievable. The same transport President Pierre Mongin described the bus driver's conduct as "exemplary."

The delegate for Sud-RATP, the hardline union for Paris transport workers, said that the violence was unexceptional for late-
night services. What is exceptional, he added, was for the public to see the images. "Who broadcast this video on the internet?"
he demanded, "the victims, the aggressors, the driver and the other passengers did not choose to be put in the public eye in
this way. It's unacceptable."

According to the union, extreme violence is unexceptional; invading the privacy of the aggressors, however, goes beyond the                              Page 1 of 6
EURSOC news and comment from Europe: Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images                                10/20/10 3:56 PM


At one point in the video, the victim is called "sale français", "dirty French." The same insult was used by casseurs who mobbed
student protests two years ago, mugging and assaulting youngsters taking part in demonstrations against the government.

Charles Bremner writes in the Times that attacks like this are becoming increasingly frequent: night bus drivers warn that if
you can't get a taxi after a nightclub, you are better off waiting until morning rather than risk public transport.

Three youths have been arrested following the incident.
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Absolutely appalling. If anything like that ever happened on an American but, this aggressors would be picking up their teeth of the bus
floor. The fact that no one has stood for the victim--no politician, no union, etc.--shows that France is truly in very dire straits. France
is a beautiful land, and it's sad to see it slowly slip away. Just remember to ship all of the Louvre's possessions to London or NYC before
the country completely crumbles.
Posted by: Pope Linus | April 10, 2009 at 11:50 AM

What we see here is not just a mugging by criminals, but rather how Islam views and abuses the passive and liberalized west. Islam
views appeasement as weakness. So should you!

Posted by: Arne | April 10, 2009 at 08:45 PM

A relief to know the vermin were captured. Every Frenchman should see this video.

Posted by: Robert S. | April 10, 2009 at 09:50 PM

Raivo Pommer in English! I'm flabbergasted, even though he's a wee touch off topic here.

Posted by: eursoc | April 11, 2009 at 08:46 PM

.                                        Page 2 of 6
EURSOC news and comment from Europe: Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images                              10/20/10 3:56 PM

I thought Sarkosy was going to crack down on these little thug monkeys. All of them deserved to be shot on the spot, but the couple
caught might get only a few months I bet.

Sharia, it makes life under communism seem like a picnic. For people who don't care that much about the world of their great-
grandchildrens' great-grandchildren (except when it comes to global-warming of course), they should cover their ass anyway. To help
imagine a future life under Sharia, just expect or assume reincarnation, Then you'll want to resist Sharia. FIGHT JIHAD!

We must keep telling all our friends and families, in the doses that they can take, as we work to wake them up to the frightening reality.
Eventually they will start telling their friends and families too. Word spreads.

No matter how many beheadings, stonings, or terrorist attacks there are, we must never fear, resist or mock the precious and ever
peaceful Islam. Who are we to say that raping 9 year-olds is immoral? Who are we to say that stoning gays and rape victims to death is

Who are we to say that killing hundreds of people every month in the name of Allah is the height of evil? That is just their culture and
ideology and it MUST be respected. Morality is all relative, we must remember that.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
all planets Islamic

Earth is one of many
in process of conversion

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
many Taliban planets

stonings and beheadings
billions served daily

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
allow Islamic conquest

enjoy the dhimmi life
of second class citizens

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
convert the infidels

or make them pay a tax
if they don’t want to die
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Posted by: USpace | April 11, 2009 at 09:26 PM                                      Page 3 of 6
EURSOC news and comment from Europe: Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images                                10/20/10 3:56 PM

Hey, this video is NOT on YOuTube. Its should be, so that a max of people will see it.

The French policeman who has made it public has been put under arrest. Incredible but true!
Posted by: Nonesuch | April 12, 2009 at 01:16 AM

I live in Texas... I`ve got a ranch AK, a house AK and a car AK. But what good would that do me in Paris?!? In Rio, I found a 18 inch
piece of pipe with an 45% elbow on the end. Carried it in a bag like it was something I bought from a souvienier stall. Sure made me feel
better. Never had to use it, just pull it out and let it swing on the end of my hand while I eyeballed some little thugs. Seemed to work...
As for the victims line that he was "bourgeuise" (you know what I mean) I`m now using this approach with my liberal apologetic
girlfriend.I tell her the poor are going to start beating the rich more and more! And most poor are black and most rich are White. I don`t
know if it will ever give her a sense of racial awareness, but right now I`ll settle for situational awareness!

Posted by: Tim Mc Hugh | April 13, 2009 at 01:01 PM

"Hey, this video is NOT on YOuTube. Its should be, so that a max of people will see it."
It's not on Youtube because that site won't host anything that's in the least negative about Islam, at least not for public viewing.
And in this specific case because French authorities are trying to censor the thing, would no doubt use legal threats to get it removed.
A Russian site is safe from such threats.
This is happening all over Europe. In France and Germany it's passengers on busses, in the Netherlands it's busdrivers, ambulance and
fire crews, in the UK it's random people attacked on city streets.
In all countries the Muslim/North African origin of the rioting thugs is never publicly revealed by police and politics until openly shown
in the media.
Posted by: JT Wenting | April 21, 2009 at 09:56 AM

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) board has agreed to triple its capital base to $165 billion to cope with the financial crisis, the bank
said on Thursday. This would ensure "much-needed resources to respond to the global economic crisis and to the longer-term
development needs of the Asia and the Pacific region," the bank said in a statement.

An "overwhelming majority" of the ADB's 67 countries approved the multilateral institution's fifth general capital increase in its 42-year
history on yesterday, the statement said.
"This substantial increase is a resounding vote of confidence from our shareholders for what we can achieve as a premier development
partner in the region," ADB president Haruhiko Kuroda was quoted as saying.
Posted by: raivo pommer -eesti. | May 01, 2009 at 12:16 PM

Pian kaikki maailman pankit kriisissa

Spain's Santander, the euro zone's largest bank, on Wednesday said its first quarter net profit dropped by only 5 percent amid Spain's
economic slump and increasing bad loans.
The bank, the biggest in Spain, said "the financial crisis and the economic slowdown have resulted in slower growth in activity and
increased non-performing loans, which have required greater provisions."                                           Page 4 of 6
EURSOC news and comment from Europe: Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images                                10/20/10 3:56 PM


Santander said its loan-loss provisions were up 73.2 percent to ?2.234 billion ($2.9 billion). Bad loans as a proportion of lending stood
at 2.49 percent, nearly double the 1.25 of a year before.

The results, described as "excellent" by bank vice president Alfredo Saenz, were seen as better than expected and pushed shares up 4.1
percent to ?6.83 ($8.87). Banks around the world have reported huge losses stemming from the collapse of securities based on U.S.
mortgages to people with shaky credit.
The bank said that the year-on-year results were affected by the integration of two British acquisitions, Alliance and Leicester and the
deposits and distribution channels of Bradford and Bingley, which contributed ?66 million ($85.75 million) in the quarter, as well as
two months of results from U.S.-based Sovereign Bank, which registered an attributable loss of ?20 million ($25.98 million).

It added that the depreciation of the British pound and certain Latin American currencies had an impact of between 7 and 8 percentage
points in profit growth in euros.
"Excluding these effects, the group's attributable profit would be practically the same as in the first quarter of 2008," Santander said.
It pointed out that net profit was actually up by 8 percent compared to the fourth quarter of the 2008.

Spain, one of Europe's economic success stories for more than a decade, has seen its economy stumble badly over the past year due to
the collapse of a real estate bubble and tighter credit conditions owing to the international financial crisis.
The country has gone from being among the Europe's largest job creators to having its highest unemployment rate at 17.4 percent.

Posted by: raivo pommer -eesti. | May 02, 2009 at 04:51 PM


drohen dem Fiskus massive Steuerausfälle in den kommenden vier Jahren.

Der Spiegel berichtete, die Experten des Bundesfinanzministeriums gingen davon aus, dass die neue Steuerschätzung in diesem Monat
über 300 Milliarden Euro Mindereinnahmen ausweisen werde. Vom Bundesfinanzministerium war zunächst keine Stellungnahme zu
erhalten. Auch die Kommunen stellen sich auf wegbrechende Einnahmen ein.
Für dieses Jahr hatte Bundesfinanzminister Peer Steinbrück bereits vor einer Woche angekündigt, er rechne mit einer Neuverschuldung
von über 50 Milliarden Euro für den Bund. Erst am Donnerstag erklärte er, einen zweiten Nachtragshaushalt nach der Steuerschätzung
vorzulegen. In Regierungskreisen hatte es geheißen, bis zu 14 Milliarden Euro zusätzlicher Schulden sollten dadurch möglich werden.

Dem Bericht zufolge sollen sogar 15 Milliarden genehmigt werden. Das Magazin berichtete weiter, ein Teil der Investitionen aus den
Konjunkturmaßnahmen und der Belastungen aus der Bankenkrise sei in der Haushaltsrechnung der Experten nicht enthalten.
Im kommenden Jahr erwarteten die Experten einen Anstieg der Neuverschuldung auf 80 Milliarden Euro, schrieb das Magazin weiter.
Von da an solle die Neuverschuldung pro Jahr um zehn Milliarden Euro sinken. Die Experten rechneten damit, dass 2013 der
Schuldenstand des Staates 80 Prozent des Bruttoinlandsproduktes erreiche. Im vergangenen Jahr lag er bei 66 Prozent.

Posted by: raivo pommer -eesti. | May 03, 2009 at 08:22 PM

Als der Berliner Historiker Ernst Nolte 1974 ein umfangreiches Buch mit dem Titel „Deutschland und der Kalte Krieg“ erscheinen ließ,
das die Nachkriegszeit einer weltgeschichtlichen Deutung in ideenpolitischen Begriffen zuführte, rief es bei einigen Rezensenten
Verwunderung hervor, dass der Verfasser seine Betrachtung über die Gründung der beiden deutschen Staaten durch einen Exkurs unter
der Überschrift „Parallele und Kontrast: Israel“ ergänzte. Der amerikanische Historiker Charles Maier nahm den „seltsamen Abschnitt“
immerhin als Beleg dafür, dass das idealisierende Verfahren von Noltes philosophischer Geschichtsschreibung mit ihren überraschenden                                        Page 5 of 6
EURSOC news and comment from Europe: Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images                            10/20/10 3:56 PM

Gegenüberstellungen in Raum und Zeit zum Nachdenken anrege.

Seine Methode hatte Nolte schon mit dem ersten Buch, dem als Schlüsselwerk zeithistorischer Reflexion gefeierten „Faschismus in
seiner Epoche“ von 1963, zum Außenseiter gemacht. Durch den „Historikerstreit“ von 1986 ist er sozial und politisch zum Paria
geworden. Umso interessanter, dass Maier 1974 gerade in Noltes Haltung zu dem Thema, über das es 1986 zu seiner Verbannung aus
der Geistesrepublik kam, etwas Repräsentatives, für die Intellektuellen der Bundesrepublik Charakteristisches erkannte: „Nolte hat mit
anderen Deutschen eine philosemitische, aber trübe [,murky'] Neigung zur Beschäftigung mit der jüdisch-israelischen Rolle gemein.“ In
der Tat ließ sich philosemitisch lesen, wie Nolte 1974 den Kontrast zwischen der Bundesrepublik und Israel akzentuierte: In Israel hatte
sich eine Armee einen Staat geschaffen, der Deutschland, das seiner militärisch-staatlichen Tradition hatte abschwören müssen, als
Vorbild der Selbstbehauptung dienen mochte.
Posted by: raivo pommer -eesti. | May 04, 2009 at 03:33 PM

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