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College Education


									College Education
There are many people out that believe that a college education is very
expensive and they cannot afford it. Well, they are wrong. Everyone can
afford college if they look the right things. If you are going into the
military you can join ROTC and they will help with the college fees.
Makes sure that you fill out your FAFSA forms as well. You can get pell
grants where you don't have to pay back the government. The lower the
income you have the higher the grants you get to a certain point. The
real issue is where do you go to college. In my opinion, private or
public for a bachelor's degree does not matter. Even if you go to a
University that is not as well know as long as it is accredited.
For a masters degree it is a little different, try to go to the well
reputable school it will sure help. Usually, you can get an assistantship
which will pay for all of your school plus a stipend. Now if you where
going for a Doctorate degree you better go to the best damn school you
can go to. Or at least go to a lesser school with a mentor that is
nationally know.
Think about this for a minute, if you were an employer who would you
hire, someone with a PHD at Harvard or Stanford or Joe blow college down
the road which is not well known or you never have hear of?
It the military it really doesn't matter much but hey we are not going to
be in the military for ever like me I can retire in my late 40's from the
uniform services so I can really start a second career if I wanted to.
With a good degree from a reputable college I should get hire easily.
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