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									5 Signs of a Committed Relationship
If a couple has been getting together with some regularity they might
begin to think of making a more permanent arrangement. Or maybe you are
thinking that way and you want to know if the other person is, too.
There are some things that indicate a relationship is headed toward more
than occasionally hanging out together.
But this stuff is never one sided. Many of us have had the experience and
the unwanted pressure of someone wanting more out of a relationship than
we do. So whether you want it or not here are some things to look out for
that say "Heads up, Sherlock".
1. People who are interested in a committed relationship make time for
you. Other responsibilities don't get in the way. You ARE a priority.
2. They want you to meet their family and friends. It's a turning point.
If this happens someone may be thinking less casual and more, long term.
3. Do you feel they find you physically attractive? This one is tricky.
Some people might really love to have sex with you, but not love the idea
of introducing you to mom and dad and their boss. It all has to happen or
it's just a recreational and temporary social connection.
4. Getting serious should take some time. Some people can fall in love
and in bed in the space of a weekend and then be SO OVER IT by next week.
Real takes longer and lasts longer...maybe a lifetime of love and
adventure. Taking the time to really get to know someone will minimize
the risk of an unpleasant surprise down the road. Over anxiousness can
lead to relationship surprises, most of which are bad. My husband and I
traded letters regularly while he was away at college. We covered a lot
of things in those letters, including whether we wanted kids. Many men
don't want kids. If a woman pressures them into having kids, she may find
herself as a single mom one day - probably not what she had in mind.
5. Communication is key. I know you've probably heard this before but
someone who wants a real relationship and even marriage should
communicate what their expectations are and what they want from their
lover. They also want to know what you want from the relationship. Many
people make contracts about business expectations, but they just wing it
in their personal life. What's wrong with telling your significant other
what you want? That way you know what you can expect better than if you
just HOPE they will give you what you want. If they don't want to give
you what you want you can simply move on to the next phase of your life.
So there you have it, 5 signs of a committed relationship. While there
are others, most are obvious but only of you keep your eyes and ears
open. Leave the blinders (emotional) at home so you don't miss them.
Georgette and her husband Ron have an internet publishing business. For
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