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Posted by admin On April 30, 2010 6:27 AM

We all have our passions. Some of us are voracious readers (though if you?re a real ?voracious reader,?
you?re not going to describe yourself that way). Some of us love the outdoors?you know, hiking through a
nice park; a nice garden ; along a nice trail. Some of us enjoy shopping until we can barely lift one leg and
put it in front of the other. But you know what? None of us are like Sam. Sam does not like anything that we
like. If you ever met him, he?d be sure to tell you. That?s how be begins every conversation.

You see, Sam has sworn off virtually everything that people like you and I do for fun. He?s sworn off most things that you and I do to,
well, stay alive, too. He isn?t a huge fan of cooking, so he doesn?t cook. He eats microwavable meals, and microwaveable meals
only?and not nearly as often as he should (or maybe it?s too often; I can never seem to remember). His isn?t a very big fan of health
aids or personal hygiene, so, predictably enough, he ignores these as well. And before you even bother to ask: no, Sam has never
pursued a relationship with any other human being. Men and women are to Sam what unicorns and candy corn are to the rest of us:
interesting ideas, but critically flawed in their presentation and execution. No, no?Sam will not participate in such lowly, stupid
endeavors. At least, that?s what he tells himself.

And at this point, reader, you are probably beginning to wonder what Sam does like. I hardly expect that you?ll be shocked to find out
that Sam is an avid?one might say rabid? video games fan. The amount of money that Sam has spent on his gaming habit would
stagger most.

In 1995, he purchased a life size, bipedal war tank. This tank, you should know, hooked up to a computer system that Sam built
himself. He had to mortgage his home to buy the $85,000 beast, but to Sam, this expense was justified. For hours and hours, Sam
would traverse the world?s that he?d created for himself, scoffing at the less fortunate souls of the world?those pitiful, broken souls
who couldn?t experience the magic of a life size, bipedal war tank crashing its way across the purple terrain of Globovak, the planet
that Sam had coded himself.

And really, Sam?s egotism boils down to a rather fine point, a point that he holds dear: his knowledge of life, the universe, and all
things sci-fi gives him, he thinks, a greater understanding of the actual world in which he lives. It is easy for Sam to scoff at the
naysayers because he knows that they are, at the end of the day, just earthlings. They lack his superior knowledge of the universe;
thus, their jokes?their mean spirited comments?are immaterial. They barely understand their own world because they simply haven?t
encountered anything else, ever.

At the present moment, Sam is engaged in these very thoughts. He peers out his window and sees a little girl walking her dog. He
laughs, confident that she doesn?t appreciate her dog; that she doesn?t know her world like he does. He peers across the road. An
older man is getting his mail. He does this every afternoon at the same time. His life?his understanding?is so limited.

With these thoughts floating around in his mind, Sam is completely started by something he sees and cannot identify. He knows that
he should know this. He?s seen these things before. But for some reason, his game-fueled knowledge of the world just isn?t pulling

Do you want to know what Sam can?t identify, reader? A tree.

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