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									Online Shopping and Self Storage
Posted by admin On January 13, 2008 2:06 AM

I?ve written self storage blogs about the advantages of online shopping, but I have yet to share online
shopping information about the benefits of online shopping for self storage . Just like self storage, online
shopping is safe and secure. Practically all self storage companies have a company web site where
information is provided about the property. Many like StorageMart offer online reservation capabilities.

What I love about the internet is the ability to conduct research. If you are online shopping for a storage unit for boat storage or shoe
storage, use the internet to research different companies and information about self storage. Use the information gathered from the
research to compare different self storage business. Not all self storage companies are the same. Each offers different amenities,
such security. Not only can you compare the pricing of a self storage unit, you can see what exactly is in that price.

Online shopping can also answer questions that you did not consider asking a sales representative. A lot goes into self storage and
you may not mull over different options like climate control units and food storage. Most self storage web sites offer full descriptions
on what is offered in self storage and you may be interested in what as unknown to you before you did your research. Though a self
storage representative and self storage property managers try to find the best option for your self storage needs, they may neglect to
reveal all there is to know because there is a lot to know about self storage.

Visiting an online site is like visiting the self storage property itself. Storage companies like local Self Storage display colorful pictures
with full descriptions about the storage property. You may still want to visit the self storage property in person, but a least you will
have a good feel what to expect. If you don?t like what you see while online shopping, you can remove it from your list of potential self
storage units.

You may not decide to book your storage unit while online shopping because you still have some reservations. This is ok. At least
from online shopping you will have educated yourself about the self storage industry. You will be ready to talk smartly with a customer
sales representative and sound intelligent. Your confidence will convince you that you are getting the best value for your money.

Self storage companies with web sites come off as more professional. If a self storage company does not have a web site ready for
online shopping, then it is stuck in the dark ages. This means that everything else about the self storage property is old world
technology. The stuff you are storing is very valuable to you; that is why you are storing it. If a local self storage business does not
have a web site, most likely they don?t have video surveillance and alarms. These are just a few amenities modern self storage
properties offer.

If you are still not convinced that a certain self storage property is best for you while online shopping, the website should provide real
reviews and customer testimonials. Take it from someone else who has had experience with a self storage business.

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