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California Marriage Records contain data on names, licenses and counties
for marriage applications. All public marriage records in the state of
California are kept by the California Department of Public Health Office
of Vital Records. Individual counties issue confidential records
pertaining to licenses that were issued out of their office. The same is
true for divorce records. They will be found only in the county of which
the Superior Court ordered the divorce decree. California's law - The
California Public Records Act - mandates that all public records and
copies are made available to anyone.
Websites by government agencies provide adequate marriage records free of
charge if you are just looking for general information. The same can be
accomplished by searching the database on-site at the respective county
offices. However, for formal proceedings, you would need professionally
packaged official marriage records. The Office of Vital Records is the
authorized department to provide official marriage records in California.
It can also release divorce Certificates of Record. For both, there is a
fee involved when requesting certified copies.
So, we therefore have the choice of going it ourselves in gathering
California Marriage Records or hire professional help to perform the task
for us. It's an individual thing and each has its own merits and
setbacks. Obviously, marriage records from free sources save money but
their standards inevitably won't match up to those from fee-based ones.
Often too, circumstances demand that such information is obtained through
certified bodies thus ruling out the DIY (do-it-yourself) option.
Nevertheless, anyone has the right to view public records at the Public
Health Office on a county-by-county basis within the state of California.
You can also request some of the information by email. Do ensure that you
have the right forms and the appropriate fees. The Department of Public
Health Office of Vital Records would be happy to advise you on that. Both
marriage records and divorce records can be obtained in this manner but
it could be long and arduous. The California Office of Vital Statistics
is typically backlogged at 180 days. They actually recommend that you
visit the local county office directly to view or request copies of
records. The procedure varies from one county to the next, so call ahead
to check.
A practical solution to get around the lead-time and legwork is by
turning to commercial record providers. With their experience and
infrastructure, they can speed things up considerably for you. They can
turnkey the whole thing for you. Their service includes searching and
retrieving the marriage records based on the information that you supply,
placing order for them and follow through on the delivery of their
certified copies.
The public records business is demanding and competitive. Industry
leaders are highly professional and have extensive experience in getting
public records from county offices. In order to survive in the game, they
have to charge affordable rates also. They will get the forms, enquire
the fees and advise on applicable state laws. Many of them have in-house
databases of marriage and divorce records for existing or potential
customers, completely circumventing the need to wait on government
agencies to produce those records.
With over 36 million residents living in California today, on top of the
hundreds of millions in years past, there are quite a bit of California
marriage records on file and archive. Finding just the ones spot-on is
potentially daunting and error-prone for the amateur. In all
practicality, it will be worth the cost to hire professionals for the
task. After all, the subject of marriage records is hardly ever a trivial
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