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					Search Ohio Marriage Certificates
If you have ever wondered how to search Ohio marriage certificates, you
will be happy to know that the Internet has made searching a lot easier
than it used to be. It wasn't that long ago that if you wanted to search
vital records in the state of Ohio, or anywhere else for that matter, you
had to jump in the car and head down to your county clerk's office and
wade through dusty boxes filled with fragile paper marriage certificates.
It was even worse if you needed other vital records such as a birth
certificate or a death certificate. Thankfully, the Internet has made
searching for the Ohio state vital records you need much easier. Let's
take a look at just a few reasons why you may need to search for Ohio
marriage certificates and other vital records online.
There are two main reasons why people may choose to perform a search for
Ohio marriage certificates. They may need to replace their own marriage
certificate because the original got lost during a move or in a fire, or
they may be attempting to trace their lineage and they want an Ohio
marriage certificate to complete their family tree.
If you have extra time you can contact:
Vital Statistics
Ohio Department of Health
246 North High Street, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43216
When most of us think about tracing our family history, it is something
we think of doing for fun, but for some people, tracing your lineage can
be significantly more important. If you have always been told that you
have a certain percentage of Native American heritage, you may be able to
prove it by ordering vital records online. As neat as it would be to know
your full heritage, the federal government and the individual governments
of all of the bands of Native American tribes often have programs,
scholarships and other financial incentives available to those who can
legally prove their heritage. If you feel that you may fall into this
category, it might be a worthwhile financial investment to try to trace
your family tree back as far as you can. You never know what you might
There are several websites online that will help you search Ohio marriage
certificates, including some that will also let you explore other vital
records that could be key in discovering what your true heritage is.
Nothing makes a better gift to your family than a fully mapped out family
tree, complete with Ohio marriage certificates and other vital record

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