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On Globalization


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									On Globalization
Posted by admin On January 22, 2007 5:17 PM

On Globalization

Upon repeated requests, we will start posting some business related thoughts.
In todays world of globalization and global village social, economic and political issues become ever more intertwined into the
business environment. It is an understatement to suggest that global business issues are greatly dependent on current social,
economic, cultural and political components.

One of the main issues to consider is the impact of poor vs. rich. In essence the developments in the western / developed nation are
natural sparks to competitive approaches within the developing nations. One of the rather successful attempts to enable
entrepreneurs within the developing nation has been the concept of micro credit / loan. Essentially the use of micro credit may enable
a greater quantity of those individuals willing to pursue a free market entrepreneurship.

Another important factor in global management issue, is the component of change; changes in locations, laws, cultural, social,
economic and traditional issues. All those changes dictate certain organizational complications which may include organizational
resistance, managerial incapability / ineffectiveness, increased cost as well temporary decreased of profitability and revenues. Such
issues can be naturally dealt with by either proper preparation or progressive adjustment.

It becomes more obvious that global management is taking a new shape. Previous wisdom, knowledge and practices are and will
encounter more hurdles because of the ever changing dynamic interaction among major and minor national and international
stakeholders. Further, the development of technology creates more challenges in creating the most effective operational methods and
milestones. Similarly the operative agents and management participants will have to become more accustomed to the dynamic
changes and the need for continues education and training to adapt to new and ever changing set of play rules .

One last thing that appears to be of increasing impact is cultural / political clashes among nation states that may have negative impact
on business. Intertwined political influences and sanctions may create secondary markets and expertise which in turn may decrease
and minimize the ability of the main players to constructively and effectively penetrate and control markets. Similarly such markets
may even undermine the validity of established business norms as well as current and coherent intellectual property issues.

Ultimately it all comes down to a new set of rules and new systematic and asymmetric modes of conducting business; whereby the
traditional norms may have to be revised or rethought to maximize profitability.

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