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									Offshore jobs can be a great career option
Posted by admin On January 3, 2009 8:57 AM

The prices of the gas and oil are ever soaring these days making it as a great industry to be exploited like
never before. This is such a dynamically burgeoning industry that it has incredible potential to shape your
career and to make you reach amazing heights. If you are an experienced worker then you can make great
deal of money at the petroleum jobs. So, if you are searching for an opportunity in this particular field, then
you simply have to browse the internet to find that suitable opportunity regarding the offshore jobs for

Before you spin your life over by seeking an offshore job, it is very important that you evaluate well the weaknesses and strengths that
you posses and whether this field is the right one for you or not. There are many of the offshore oil-rig jobs that are very demanding in
terms of physical activity involved. The employing companies thus look for workers that are in immaculate health conditions and
medically fit. Many employers also look for hiring the workers that are better than the average physical conditions. When the process
of hiring workers for these offshore jobs is going on, the employers usually conduct a rigorous physical examination to ensure you are
in the best of your health. So, you have to duly prepare for this examination before you apply for the offshore jobs related to oil-rig.

To add, if you are sure that you will opt for any opportunity that comes your way regarding this great field then you have to be well
prepared for staying far away from home for long durations of time. This can be slightly tough if you are married as there is family to
look after but it is an amazing opportunity if you are yet single and willing to explore the wonderful opportunity to its best possible.
Many oil rigs are situate in isolated areas so, you must posses an independent disposition to be on your own while at work.

The offshore jobs make a great career option as they are very well paying and have great advantages if you are employed in this
industry. The very entry level position can fetch you an astounding amount of $50, 000 to $80, 000 / year. If you are professionally or
technically qualified, then nothing can get better than this. It is so because it entitles you to get paid in massive amounts. You can get
paid superiorly up to $220, 000 / year. Furthermore, the accommodation facilities and all the other basic necessities are very well
taken care of at the oil rigs. In fact they can be matched up to the amenities as offered at good hotels of the town. The rooms you are
provided with are spectacularly decorated and have all the facilities you can demand of; there is an internet access, free meals and
great gym facilities as well. In fact, there are special smoking locations also if you are a smoker.

Usually the workers with prior experience are preferred for the offshore jobs. But even if you are a novice in the field, there is a
plethora of entry level jobs that are available with attractive salary and perks. The roustabouts, catering staff and the deckhands are
some of the entry level jobs that you can opt for in this industry to set your career at pace. With time you will see a steep rise in not
only experience, salary and other perks but in status you enjoy as well.

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