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					My Highly Popular and Controversial Shopping Blog
Posted by admin On September 17, 2009 7:12 AM

When I started my shopping blog , I never realized how popular it would end up being. I started the blog
because I wanted to keep track of all the different things I was buying, what I thought about each of them,
why I bought them, and how much they cost. Every time I went shopping I would add to my shopping blog,
and, depending on the topic, so would multiple other people.

People have something to say about everything! I?ll tell you that. No matter what it was that I bought, someone would want to get one
too, someone would think it was a waste of money and someone else would either praise or criticize the store I bought it from.

One of the most popular topics on my shopping blog is what kind of stores people should shop in today. Most people support chain
stores such as American Eagle, Express, and Barnes and Noble, but some people think it is important to support individually owned
stores to help out our economy. There is even more debate about large monopolies such as Wal-Mart on my shopping blog. Although
most people do shop at large monopolies, plenty of people do not want to support them because they are wiping out so many smaller
businesses. Everyone else though, admit they do not like supporting the large monopolies but shop there anyways because of the
convenience and low prices. Lots of people would also try to advertise their businesses on my shopping blog since it was so popular.
If I bought something at a store and posted about it on my shopping blog, I would often have someone posting that they had the same
item available at their store at a cheaper price. Those postings would then lead to other postings from people who were interested in
their stores and wanted to ask questions.

Another popular topic on my shopping blog is how much particular items should cost. If I bought something that people thought was a
good deal there would be tons of posts asking me which store in particular I went to, where I found the particular item, and how long
the sale would be lasting. On the other hand, if the opinion was that I spent too much on an item, my shopping blog was used to
criticize me about my choice of store; some people would tell me to take it back and buy it somewhere else, and others told me that it
was not worth it at all for the price that was being asked.

Sometimes people really surprise me when they post on my shopping blog because they will want to buy what I just bought from me! I
will always tell them where I bought it and for how much, but some people really want to buy my exact item. I suppose I have become
a bit of a celebrity to some of these people since my shopping blog is so popular! Other people often surprise me because they pick
up on my tastes and styles and they will either buy me something or try to sell me something they already own.

Because of my shopping blog I have made quite a few friends, fans, and even some people who do not like me very much!
Regardless, it has been a very interesting and enlightening experience since I have started this shopping blog!

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