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					Make An Intial $10 Very Fast
Step 1)Get one or more twitter accounts. Twitter requires no email
activation, so get 1-10 accounts to start with.

Step 2) Join This is a advertising network
specially for
twitter. They pay by paypal, within 48 hours! You choose which ads
you want to post on your twitter profile and you will get around $0,06
to $0,20 per click. It doesn’t really matter as you will get a lot of
clicks, so don’t worry! After you joined twitterad, you can ad your
twitter profiles. To post an ad, simply press ´post ad´ and select the

Step 3) Mass follow people. If you follow them they will follow you
back and then you can ‘promote your ad’.This can be done with the
free website twollo. You can follow people that twitterd about
certain items with twollo. To get an higher clickthrough rate, you
should follow people that twitter about the same subject as the ppc
ad. You can set it up in less then a minute and it will work for you till
the limit has been reached. Now that’s what I call time-effective

To autfollow you can also use hummingbird

You an also use tweetlater to autotweet and automessage followers
with your ad. This will improve the amount of clicks significantly

If you use Hummingbird you can follow up to 1000 users in 1 day!!!

Step 4) Wait for people to follow, or rinse and repeat
If you have 5000 follower you’r guaranteed to make atleast
10 accounts x 10$=100$/day

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