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Posted by admin On September 28, 2009 7:43 AM

During my undergrad, I was always back and fourth about whether I wanted to get my MBA or not. I went to
college for business and I knew I could get a job right out of school if I wanted to. However, after doing my
research, I found that it is a lot harder to get a job if I do go right into grad school for my MBA but I do not
have any job experience.

My senior year of college I could not make my mind up about what I wanted to do. I knew if I graduated it would be hard for me to go
back to school. I was enjoying college now and I would not have had a problem continuing on for another year or two to get my MBA.
My friends were all making up their minds what they wanted to do and they, along with my family, would not stop pestering me about
what I wanted to do. My parents wanted me to get a job and then go back to get my MBA, but my friends who were continuing on to
get their masters were all begging me to stay in school with them.

Eventually, I realized I had to figure out what I was going to do. Job fairs were beginning and the deadline for MBA school application
was drawing nearer and nearer. I had pressure from all ends of the spectrum to make a decision about what I was going to do. I
decided I would apply for MBA school and look for jobs since I did not have to commit to anyone quite yet.

I was accepted easily into the MBA program at my current school and, at first, I was just going to go ahead into school. However,
when I went to the job fairs I realized just how many jobs were out there that wanted me. The idea of making an actual decent salary
was extremely appealing. I went on a few interviews and the second offer I got I decided to accept. I decided I would work for a few
years and then go back to school to get my MBA if I decided that was what I wanted to do.

I started the job in the fall and at first I loved it. I made a lot of friends, the work was pretty easy, and I was making more money than I
had ever before. But, it only took me a couple of years before I got restless. I started feeling like I could do a lot more with how smart I
was and my capabilities. After two years of working for my company, I decided to go back for my MBA.

Going back to school was an interesting experience. It was a little difficult readjusting to being a student once again. All of my friends
were gone and I felt like I had so much more experience from my two years than most of my colleagues. Getting my MBA was
definitely a different experience from my undergrad experience, but it was not in a bad way. There was not as much partying or
craziness and a lot more studying, but I wanted to do well and that was what I needed to do.

After I graduated with my MBA, I went back to my company and was given a much higher position with a very nice salary that
exceeded my old one quite a bit. I was much happier and fulfilled in my career and getting my MBA.

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