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Make Money Using Solar Panels


									Make Money Using Solar Panels
Posted by admin On January 4, 2010 12:45 PM

The Green energy movement whether fad or fact has many valid points when it comes to solar panel energy
and the monetary savings a family can put to practice. Whether your goal is to use alternative clean energy ,
find ways to save on your monthly bills or a little of both, there are definitely benefits to be had for the earth
and your pocketbook.

Alternative clean energy by definition is energy that comes from a renewable source such as the wind, sun, tide, etc. This is a
somewhat obvious definition and there are certainly more complex ways of explaining it, but in its essence and simplicity, alternative
clean energy is just that simple.

Here are a few simple ways that solar panels will save you money and easy ways they can also make money for you. Once you see
how simple and pain free this all sounds, you may find yourself shopping around for solar panels.

At first, the initial cost of solar panels will be high, but the savings will quickly pay for itself and begin to save on your monthly bill.
Imagine getting off the grid, as they say and not depending on the power plant for all your energy. You would no longer be prone to
the price hikes that you would have otherwise had no control over. By sustaining your own energy from the power of the sun, you will
not have to worry about the cost of energy going up every winter.

Above saving yourself money, there is money to be made. Certainly, no one can argue that making money on the unused energy
from your solar panel is a bad thing. Despite one?s stance on the importance of green energy no one can argue with money.

It is true that surplus energy from your alternative clean energy can be sold back to the power company and you can earn energy

This brings us to a little known fact but a very powerful one. The law requires electric companies to invest in renewable energy
programs and sources, such as buying surplus energy from an alternative clean energy savvy homeowner.

Not only can homeowners pay for all their energy needs with solar panels, but by using renewable energy credits, they can make a
profit by selling the energy back to the power company. A typical family can profit $3000 or more by selling energy back to the grid.

There are also generous tax breaks for homeowners who supply power to their community.

However, before you jump on the roof and start installing a do it yourself solar panel, make sure you have discussed the details of
connecting the panel to your home?s power supply with a licenses electrician.

The initial costs of installing solar panels is usually over $3000, but that cost can be recouped within less than a year. When you
consider the cost of

You should also contact your local power company to ask about their energy credit programs and how to apply. They will likely have
guidelines as outlined by the law that you will be required to meet before they start sending you a check.

Although it will take some research and funding, investing in solar panels is definitely worth your thought and energy, after all, your
thoughts are a renewable resource.

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