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									              CCM International Limited
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

      Tel: + 86-20-3761 6606
      Fax: +86-20-3761 6968

      Updated in August 2010
Two companies

1)   Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd., formerly
     Guangzhou CCM Chemicals Co, Ltd., established in 2001 , is always devoted to
     market researches and database business.
2)    Registered in 2009
      Authorized/approved Activities: Data, IT technologies.
      Ownership: Private

2)   CCM International Limited, registered company in Hong Kong, offshore company
      Registered in 2006
      Authorized/Approved Activities: Publication, Conference, Media

Headquarter: Based in Guangzhou
    Office in Guangzhou

Add: 17th Floor, Huihua Commercial & Trade
    Building, No.80, Xianlie Zhong Road,
    Guangzhou 510070, P.R. China
            Staffs in CCM – majority with chemical-related
Total staffs: 110 including
-> 50 masters majoring in education background
- crop protection,             ->55 bachelors majoring in
- pesticides/agrochemicals      - food science and engineering,
- biochemical,                 - fine chemicals,
- chemical engineering,        - forest chemicals
- food science,                - polymers,
- forestry chemicals,          - pharmaceuticals,
- materials & energy           - economics,
- inorganic chemicals,         - environment engineering,
- polymers,                    - computer science and technology,
- printing,                    - English,
- packaging,                   - statistics
- materialogy,                 - foreign trade,
- environmental engineering,   - accounting,
……                             - human resource,
                               - law
Organization Structure                   Divisions                                Departments

                                                                                    25+ consultants

                                                                           Life science & healthcare
                           Production (intelligence & information)
                                                                                    20+ consultants
                                       60+ consultants
                                                                             Chemicals & energies
                                                                                    15+ consultants

                                                                       Content management & databases
                                                                         fast growing, will be another CCM size
                                                                                    15+ consultants
                            Internal resources & online system
                                          25+ people                          IT technology center
                                                                                   10+ IT engineers

    Managing Director   Quality control (documentation & expression)
                                          5+ people

                            Marketing & account management
                                          10+ people

                                     Financial control
                                           2 people

                                           5 people
                                                                                Human Resource
                       Vision and Mission

 To be the Professional Consultant and independent data provider for
         Life Science (Incl. Biotechnologies, Pharmaceuticals)
                  Chemicals & Renewable Energies
                      China and Asia Pacific Rim

                             To provide
                        World Class Quality
                    Consulting services & Data for
                         Global Companies
Overview –Researches by geography


                          China researches
Overview – Clients by geography

                                    Am erica

Good Relationship
– Central government
– Customs
– Local government
– Universities and Research Institutes
– Various Industrial Associations
– Various Trade Presses
– Local Industrial Enterprises
– Industrial experts
– Commercial organizations
Guarantee sustainability of information sources!
                  Working Procedure & Quality Control
                                                                     most important process,
                                                                   usually takes one week for a
          Order         Analyze and discuss the requirement              one month project

                            Finalize the content

                      Plan & critical path/completion timetable

                    Desk research: Abstraction and understanding
Quality                                                            see methodologies next slide
                            Investigation process
                                 Draft report

                      Internal discussion & proofreading

                            Final report/presentation
                                 Major Methodologies
 Desk research, necessary but less than 20% components in the final works
 Telephone interview
 Face-to-Face interview
 Site visit
 Questionnaire (especially for large projects and end use analysis)
 Third party assistances (customs, associations, consultant, governmental
  organizations, etc.)
 Expert proof reading

     Note: The yellow color parts are CCM’s major methodologies. This is to ensure that CCM’s works are
                             primary research providing the first hand information.
                               Quality Priority
                     We will never sacrifice Quality

                 Quality is a fundamental obsession in

              Everything we do towards Customer Loyalty
                         Note: Every 3-6 people we have one team leading by team leader who is
Flow of QC in CCM:       responsible for the whole project. Checking is backward since the team leader and
                         to supervisor, …. . Quality control people are mainly responsible for language
                         expression although CCM’s consultants write the first letter with English.

Consultants     Team leader                 Supervisor

       Qualify control team               Internal presentation and discussion

                                                                                   General manager
Sample, value chain focus, for each product research
     TMHQ                  - Synthetic Vitamin E              Isophytol


                       Synthetic Vitamin E

                                                                 Grignard Reagents
              This is where the ValoTracer (CCM’s
                  dynamic database) comes from.
   m-Cresol   MAA     + Acetone + Acetylene

Oleoresin     Turpentine        Pinene             Linalool
                               Services structures
                                        Fast growing !

                                                           Trade analysis
               Data & database

           Single-client                                           Multi-client
             reports                                                reports
Exclusive services in form of reports
                    Consultancy                     New sletters

     High percentage of multi-client services to ensure that CCM will
                     develop in its own direction.
           Multi-client Services: Reports
 Industrial Surveys:
-   Product screening
-   Industrial structure and characters
-   Product structures and industrial problems
-   Key factors
-   Industrial growing points
-   Overall competitiveness
-   Commercial & investment opportunities
                       Multi-client Services: Reports
 Product study report:
-   Technology overview and comparison
-   Manufacturers screening
-   Manufacturers information: production, export, raw materials suppliers, clients, plans, etc.
-   Company profiling
-   Export analysis
-   Import analysis (if import is important)
-   Consumption pattern                               Industrial surveys/product reports:
-   Forecast and suggestions                          20%:80%
-   Uncover the mysteries of Chinese products/production
-   Evaluating the competitiveness of Chinese products
-   Identifying the key threshold for entering the Chinese market
-   Identifying the opportunities
                         Multi-client Services: Newsletters
    1. Regular publications
                                                        3. Marketing and plan to launch in the future
-      Crop Protection China News, half monthly         -Red Biopharmaceuticals China News
-      Herbicides China News, monthly                   -Bulk Pharmaceuticals China News
-      Insecticides China News, monthly                 -NSAIDs China Market Watch, quarterly
-      Fungicides China News, monthly                   -Special paper Chemicals China News
-      Glyphosate China Monthly Report, monthly         -Carbon emission China News (Low-carbon
                                                        -Inks China News
-      Industrial Biotechnology China News, monthly
                                                        -Wood Chemicals China News
-      Corn product China News, monthly
                                                        -Wind Turbine Components China Insights
-      Dairy China News, monthly
-      Bio-pharmaceuticals China News, monthly
-      Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report, monthly
2. Customized Newsletters & OEM Newsletters
           Multi-client Services: Trade Analysis
Routine services:
-      Import & export analysis (trade data, 50+ annual analysis) (sample on request)
-      MTB (Manufacturer – Trader – Buyer) Mapping (sample on request)
-      Pricing monitoring (sample on request)
-      Product monitoring (and AI monitoring) (sample on request)
    Multi-client Services: ValoTracer: CCM’s Dynamic Database
Launched into market in November 2009,
 consolidating the previous CCM’s databases on manufacturers, production, companies,
      import & export, price, etc. into one consolidate database,
presenting by databases of
-      Glyphosate (related products),
-      agriculture (will cover the glyphosate database),
-      Corn/starches database (related products),
-      Food ingredient database (will cover the corn/starches database),
-      Biotechnology database,
-      Pharmaceutical database,
-      Chemical database,
-      Energies database,
-      Materials database,
-      Printing & Packaging database
user name and password will be provided for trial access

      Multi-client Services: Events & Conferences
Started up the conferences since 2006
Previous conferences , collaborated with Pira International
-   Printing Technology in China: Packaging and Labels Markets, Dec 2006, Guangzhou,
-   PET Packaging Asia: PET packaging market and technology, Aug 2007, Shanghai, China
-   Food Contact Asia 2007: Identifying regulatory developments in food contact materials,
    October 2007, Beijing, China
Independent event under the brand name of CCM:
The Future of Crop Protection China (March 20-21, 2009, Dijon Hotel, Shanghai, China)
Crop Protection China Summit (March 18-19, 2010, Garden Avenue Hotel, Shanghai, China)
      Single-client & Exclusive Services
1. Key & strong areas (samples on request):
-      Producers competitiveness analysis
-      Technology competitiveness study (production benchmarking/cost structure)
-      End user analysis & Consumption pattern researches

2. Sponsorship program & Syndicated researches:
-      Topics identified by CCM’s consultant, based on industrial insights and potential
       demand from clients
-      Only provided to those sponsors

3. Ad-hoc projects
-      Suppliers/products/start-up companies screening
-      Sourcing solution (technology, new industries, business opportunities, etc.)
 Industries: extension and focuses over the years
      2001                                              2003
Vitamins                                                Natural resources & extracts
Amino acids
Food ingredients
Forest chemicals
                                                         2004
      2002                                             Specialty paper chemicals
Bulk pharmaceuticals                                    Agrochemicals
Fine chemicals
                                                        Corn products
                                                        Fermentation products

 Note: The industries with underline are the ones that we are still focusing on.
Industrial Sectors & Focuses
 2005                    2007
Printing                 Crop protection
Metallurgy coke

                          2008
 2006
Pigments                 Renewable energies
Inks                     White biotechnology
Industrial Sectors & Focuses
 2009                        2010
Agriculture               Environmental protection
Biotechnologies           Carbon emission
                          Online technology
                          Databases & data mining
Industries nowadays
      Printing and
   Materials                           Agriculture


     Chem icals                            Food

                              Pharm aceuticals
                       Difference from others
1. Staff equipment:
-   70% with chemicals related background and/or education
-   80% consultant with master degree
-   Home researchers with local knowledge but English expression for western readers
2. Approaches and methodologies
-   Start from technology study
-   After verification, upgrade to commercial & economic findings
3. Quality control
-   Cross-checking
-   Internal proofreading
-   Quality control throughout the researches, from proposal till submission
-   Multi-levels management team to control the quality
-   4. Sources and results
-   Not doing info compilation. Secondary information only for digestion.
-   95% min. content are CCM’s findings from which elsewhere unavailable
-   Focus on first hand info and raw data
-   Always primary intelligence
    Difference from others
6.     Technique grasped
-      Forecast
-      Value-chain analysis
-      Benchmarking
-      Competitiveness analysis
-      Online technology
-      Data mining

7.     CCM’s advantages
-      Timely
-      Accurate
-      Neutral
-      Unique
-      Systematic
-      High utility of resources

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