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Some Health Tips for man And woman

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he perfect woman! This is the key sentence. We should always feel good
and stay fit.

We must work hard to stay healthy and turn heads with our good looks.
Isn’t this what we’re bombared with everyday in the media? Each day
brings a new list of what we should avoid – or we’re told we no longer
need to avoid what was forbidden upon the release of a new scientific
report. No wonder we’re confused. A vegetable that’s hailed as the new
miracle food one day suddenly becomes the most harmful the next. Okay, so
now forget everything you’ve heard, because our tips are not the kind to
lose their credibility in a day. We’ve asked experts for their advice on
what we need to do every day, week, month, six months and annually. In
doing so, we’ve discovered the simple but crucial secrets to leading a
healthy and happy life.
1. Don’t clean your teeth with dental

We recommend that you stop, because cleaning teeth with dental floss
everyday harm the gums. If you can’t give it up, don’t use it for more
than two minutes.
2. Consume probiotics

Probiotics are not only a way to solve digestive problems; they also help
the immune system and reduce cholesterol. If you’re looking for probiotic
products, note that many brands produce probiotic yoghurts. One cup of
probiotic yoghurt a day is enough.
3. Eat fruit and vegetables

The secret to looking and staying healthy is eating five pieces of fruit
and vegetables everyday.
4. Add calcium to your diet

Osteoporosis is a common problem among women. The only way to prevent the
illness is to ensure you have high levels of calcium in your diet from
your twenties and thirties onwards. And calcium doesn’t have to mean milk
and dairy products. The most calcium-rich foods are in fact actually
green leaves. Try to make a habit of eating dark greens and low-fat
foods, along with milk and dairy products, everyday.
5. Work your pelvic muscles

The problem of incontinence becomes more prevalent with age and experts
say it shouldn’t be under-estimated. The pelvic muscles, which are the
strongest in childhood, begin to weaken with age. Daily pelvic exercises
will help you fight off incontinence. Also, strong muscles help to
heighten your libido.

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