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Wedding Planning - Hawaii Wedding by primusboy


									Wedding Planning - Hawaii Wedding
Proper wedding planning and preparation will save you a bundle of money
and eliminate most of your worries, fears, and frustrations. If you're
planning a destination wedding, then you must also seek the help of a
wedding planner.
My wife and I got married in Hawaii and stayed three nights at a five
star hotel, had a fabulous ceremony, which included all the trimmings
such as a limousine, cake, flowers, photography, reception dinner for
fifteen, and more, all for under $5,000.
Many people we tell just can't believe it, but it's true! A Hawaii
wedding planned properly with the assistance and expertise of a Hawaii
wedding planner does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Your Hawaii
wedding planner will actually save you lots of money by virtue of knowing
all the vendors on the island.
Deciding when and where to have your wedding are your first
considerations. You must nail down these two things first before you can
really move forward with a wedding planner, before you can send
invitations, before you can book a hotel, before you can do any real
wedding planning.
There are numerous reasons for choosing to have your wedding in Hawaii.
First of all, it is paradise don't forget. Second, you can count on the
weather, beautiful blue skies, a crystal clear ocean, and warm, balmy
temperatures. Third, there are many exciting and romantic things to do in
Whether you're into beautiful beaches, shopping, golf, dancing, live
entertainment, surfing, extreme sports, hiking, waterfalls, scuba diving,
snorkeling, restaurant hoping, or loafing, it can be found in abundance
either in Waikiki or somewhere on the island of Oahu.
My wife and I decided to have our wedding on the island of Oahu and to
stay in Waikiki because there were so many hotel options and so many
things to do, and because it would be better for our guests too. They
would be sure to be able to get a flight, and they would be sure to be
able to book a hotel in their price range. When deciding on an island,
Oahu it turns out has more of everything.
Most of the island of Oahu is peaceful, unpopulated, untouched, beautiful
and, of course, tropical! Many people are misled to believe that the
other islands are prettier. But did you know that the number one most
beautiful beach on many top ten lists is Kailua Beach located on the
island of Oahu?
As for "when" to get married, just about any time is a good time in
Hawaii. But there is a rainy season between November and April. When it
does rain, however, it's usually not for more than a few minutes, or at
worst, a few hours.
With that said, I live in Hawaii, and I would recommend not getting
married during the rainy season. Most people get married in May, July,
and August here. Personally, my wife and I chose to get married at the
end of July. That worked out well for us.
It's hot during the summer, but if you get married in the afternoon, say
around 3:00 p.m., it's a little cooler; and then you can have your
wedding reception at an outdoor location or patio restaurant around 5:30
with a gorgeous sunset, guaranteed.
A Hawaii wedding can be very romantic if you choose the right place and
the right time. There is a long list of places "where" you can get
married on Oahu. From churches to chapels, to parks and gardens, as well
as almost any beach.
Your wedding planner can help you choose a place to get married, as well
as eliminate much of the hassles and headaches of planning your special
day by taking care of all the details for you.
A good wedding planner will book your limousine, get your cake made, set
up your chapel and make arrangements with a priest, get you musicians,
hook the bride up to a hair stylist and make-up artist, and will also be
there on your wedding day to guide you and hold your hand.
William Perkins writes about Hawaii wedding planning, receptions, and
honeymoons. You can get his popular Hawaii Wedding Report for free when
you opt-in at his website.

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