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					Stand Up Paddle Lessons
Whether you are curious if stand up paddling might be the sport for you
or if you are already hooked and are getting ready to brave the waves,
the best way to learn how to stand up paddle is by taking a lesson from
those who know the sport. Even if you are experienced in the ocean, stand
up paddling introduces a whole new set of variables and dynamics that
traditional prone paddle surfers are not familiar with. In this article
we'll review several types of lesson so you decide what will be the best
lesson for you.
Group Lessons: Group lessons are a great way to get introduced to the
sport. When you have a group lesson, you're learning right along with
everyone. SUP can be someone of a challenge right at first, but when
you're learning with others, everyone can get wet and share in the good
times. Most reputable schools will be able to help you be up, standing,
and paddling with confidence on your very first lesson. Whether you bring
your own private group or join and existing one, you're sure to have a
great time!
Private Lessons: If you're the type of person that just wants to cut to
the chase and really put the afterburners on your learning curve, a
private lesson is the way to go. With individual instruction, you'll get
all your needs attended to and your instructor will be able to give you a
customized experience based on your ability and goals. If you feel that
you are ready to venture out into the surf, a private lesson is highly
recommended. Be sure to have your instructor explain the ebb and flow of
the surf lineup, where the best places are to stand up paddle surf, and
what dangers and challenges come with paddling out in the waves.
Search for a reputable school with quality equipment when you choose your
stand up paddle school. Although it is possible to learn to stand up
paddle on oversized longboards or old tandem boards, they are going to be
tippy and probably not sufficiently buoyant to maximize your enjoyment in
the water. Make sure your instructor has stand up paddle-specific
Once you find the perfect school to show you the ropes, smile, and have a
great time. Your instructors are there becuase they love the ocean and
they love the sport. And in my own personal opinion, if you don't get wet
you're not having enough fun. Welcome to the sport!
Nate Burgoyne is the Editor of Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine which is
the worldwide hub for standup paddle or beachboy (beach boy) surfing. For
news, reviews, boards, lessons and more visit
Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine recommends several stand up paddle
schools and lessons such as Rainbow Watersports on the North Shore of
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