Rock Climber Chris Sharma is on a Sending Rampage

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					Rock Climber Chris Sharma is on a Sending Rampage
Chris Sharma has been unstoppable lately. After spending a lot of time in
Spain climbing with some of rock climbings greats like Dani Andrada and
Patxi, Sharma has made some world class sends. He has been working on
tons of projects that are hard, like 5.15 hard.
You can tell that Sharma has been getting stronger and his endurance is
amped up from Clark Mountain. Here is what this beast of a climber has
done lately.
Chris has done the first ascent of Jumbo Love which he graded 5.15b at
Clark Mountain. This route is about 200 feet long and Chris took massive
whippers from 60-100 feet over and over. He said he had to skip a lot of
the clips because you could'nt even let go to chalk hardly clip. Well he
finally did it and now we will have to wait and see if anyone can repeat
Not long after sending his long time project Sharma decided to take a
long weekend of climbing at Maple Canyon, Utah. Maple is an awesome gem
in Utahs huge climbing scene that is made up of all these odd shaped
cobbles. The climbing can be very thuggy and quite hard to onsight, but I
guess not for Chris Sharma.
Sharma who had not been to Maple Canyon for at least 10 years onighted
two 5.14 routes and just dominated.
He onsighted the 5.14a/b T-Rex in the massive and magnificent Pipe Dream
cave. On his second day Chris onsighted Whole Shot 5.13d/14a, Toxic
Turkey 5.13c as well as some additional climbs located in the Pipe Dream
cave. On his last day at Maple Sharma returned to the Pipe Dream cave to
try Divine Fury. After he spent 24 minutes on the route and skipped the
crucial (for most that is) kneebars Sharma onsighted 'Divine Fury' 5.14b.
To say the least not a bad weekend at Maple even for Chris Sharma. Not
too mention the fact that Chris is the only one to onsight that many
5.14's in a day.
This is just one more thing to add to Chris Sharma's climbing resume. As
one of the greatest climbers in the world he is still out there pushing
the limits of climbing and really making a name for himself. A lot of
people thought the older climbers like Chris were in trouble with all the
new kids on the block pushing the limits. Well Chris has proven once
again to those young climbers he is here to push climbing too.
Chris has definitely been on a sending rampage lately and I even heard
that he is going to give a shot at El Cap. You heard me right Chris
Sharma trad climbing, I know we dont hear about that too much. I am
excited to see what happens with that.
Ryan Coisson is the founder of Rock Climbing For Life. You can watch a
bunch of Chris Sharma Climbing Videos here at Ryan's site.

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