How to Build a Solar Powered Swimming Pool Heater - Heating Your Swimming Pool With Solar Energy

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					How to Build a Solar Powered Swimming Pool Heater - Heating Your Swimming
Pool With Solar Energy
Swimming pools are great and fun times are enjoyed here. However, heating
them up requires a lot of energy and can add up to high heating bills.
And solar pool heaters are becoming more popular because of the fact that
the process on how to build a solar pool heater does not require much
machining, welding or any hard works, therefore making it convenient and
affordable for most people to design and build a solar pool heater on
their own.
A typical solar pool heating system is composed of the following
- A solar collector- functions mainly as a tool through which pool water
is circulated to be heated by the sun.

- A filter- removes dirt before water is pumped through the collector.

- A pump- used to circulate the water in the pool through the filter and
collector and then back to the pool.

- A flow control valve- a device that diverts pool water through the
solar collector.
Before we get to know how to build a solar pool heater, we should be
knowledgeable on how these solar heaters work. They basically run on a
passive solar principle which allows the water to run and pass through
the lengths of flexible tubing. The water from the pool is then suspended
in front of small reflectors of it to be able to receive and transmit the
warmth from the sun to the water in the tubing.
These are the guidelines on how to build a solar pool heater:
1. Protect the reflectors using polythene sheeting. As these reflectors
are essential to efficiently warm the pool, it is important to protect
them form poor weather and low wind chill.

2. Spray the water piping of the reflectors with chrome paint, which will
aid in increasing the reflective powers so it can heat the pool very

3. Once you have heat going to the tubing form the reflectors, disperse
the heat throughout the pool by the use of a small pond pump or solar
electric pump.

4. Assemble all the materials pertaining to the tubing, reflectors and
cover into a solar panel. The size varies and depends on factors like
ease of handling and heating efficiency. Typically, a pool that holds six
thousand gallons basically would need a panel that measures around eleven
feet by five feet.

5. Place the panel of the solar pool heater in a way that it gets the
most sun possible. Sometimes it is better to place them on a fence
vertically or on the roof to get the best results. When the sun is at its
peak, like in the middle of the day, place them up to give you all you
need to heat up your pool.
So this is how to build a solar pool heater and to get it going.
Do you know that you can build everything about solar easily with little
cost? Be eco-friendly while saving money.
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solar energy.

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