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New this year, you may file your education and renew on-line any time, day or night. Go to to see how easy it is.

Please share this letter with anyone in your office that assists in filing affidavits of education
and renewals. Please read the entire letter. If your questions are not answered in the letter
call the board office. The Board staff is here to assist you, however, as a licensee it is your
responsibility to properly file your Affidavit of Education and renewal. The Board office has
no verifiable records of your past education.

Enclosed is your Affidavit of Education and renewal form. The following information is provided
to assist you in a smooth certification of your required continuing education and renewal.

Continuing education is an annual requirement. You must complete 12 hours of continuing
education prior to December 31, 2004. Four of those hours must be from the mandatory topic
list and the remaining eight hours may come from either the mandatory or elective topic lists.

New licensees, those who received their original Montana license in 2004, do not need to
report continuing education. New salespeople, licensed in 2004, should not report the “rookie”
course. If you completed any continuing education courses in 2004 other than the “rookie”
course you can report up to 6 hours as carry-over for next year. We do ask that you sign the
form and return it to us even if you don’t have any carry-over education to report.

In addition, please pay particular attention to the following items.

1.     Brokers, if you received a renewal or Affidavit of Education for a salesperson who is
       not under your supervision, please return the form to our office. If you know of the
       licensees whereabouts, please include that information.

2.     If you have been named in any lawsuit you MUST disclose that information on your
       renewal. Attach copies of the documents that initiated each action and all final orders.
        If the action is still pending, you must provide a copy of the final order when it is
       concluded. Failure to accurately furnish this information is grounds for denial or
       revocation of your license. As a broker, this might include lawsuits involving your office
       staff and naming you as the supervising broker. Failure to answer this question will
       result in your affidavit being returned to you and considered not received.
3.     If you intend to go inactive at renewal time, you need to follow the instructions under
       #4c. Do not return an incomplete affidavit or renewal to this office.

4.     If an address change, a change in broker supervision, or a change to inactive status
       is being made at the same time as submitting your renewal, please be sure the proper
       procedures are followed and the proper fees are included to eliminate unnecessary
       phone calls and letters. NOTE: DO NOT bring your license to the office for a transfer.
        We cannot provide same day service on transfers at this time of year.

       a.     For an address change of the entire agency, the fee is $45.00 FOR EACH
              BROKER in addition to renewal fees. The salespeople move with their broker
              at no charge.

       b.     For a change of broker supervision a salesperson will need a letter of release
              from their current supervising broker and their license mailed to the Board.
              Cross out the former broker’s name on the renewal, fill in the new agency
              information, have the new supervising broker send a letter of supervision, and
              remit a $45.00 transfer fee in addition to the renewal fee.

       c.     For a change to inactive status, you must indicate that on the front of the
              renewal, complete the home address information and remit a $10 inactive
              transfer fee in addition to the renewal fee. You must sign the form and your
              supervising broker must submit a letter of release along with your wall license
              to the board office.

NOTE - As of January 1, 1996, a person may leave their license on inactive status indefinitely,
but will be required to file an Affidavit of Education for 12 hours of continuing education
annually and renew their license at the proper time.

5.     Send in the Affidavit of Education as soon as possible. Please check to see that all
       blanks on your Affidavit of Education have been completed. Incomplete affidavit
       forms will be returned and considered not received.

6.     We would appreciate receiving your affidavit by December 1, 2004 but it must be
       submitted to the board by December 31, 2004.

Your properly completed Affidavit of Education and Renewal Application must be returned
to our office by December 31, 2004. Any affidavit and renewal submitted after December 31,
2004 will be subject to the late filing fee of $200.00. If you return your affidavit and renewal
after December 31, 2004, and do not include the late filing fee, your affidavit and renewal will
not be accepted. The late fee is non-refundable and non-waivable.
Failure to return your renewal and affidavit to our office by February 15, 2005 is considered
unprofessional conduct and will result in disciplinary action by the board. Not all licensees will
be sending in a renewal and affidavit. If you received a renewal and affidavit, you must renew
your license and complete the affidavit information.

The sooner you mail in your renewal and affidavit, the faster it will be processed. If any errors
have been made, they can be rectified before the deadline, and you will avoid any late filing

If you have any questions not covered in this letter, you may reach us at
 (406) 444-2961.
                                                  State of Montana
                                           BOARD OF REALTY REGULATION
                                                          301 SOUTH PARK
                                                           P O BOX 200513
                                                        HELENA MT 59620-0513
                                          email address:
                                SALESPERSON RENEWAL APPLICATION

                                                                                              Renewal fee $175
                                                                                              Make check payable to
                                                                                              Board of Realty Regulation

The Board staff is here to assist you; however, as a licensee it is your responsibility to complete your renewal application in its
entirety and return it by the specific deadline. Incomplete renewal forms will be returned and considered not received.
You can renew on-line at:
1. On-line renewal is available by e-check or credit card. Mail in fees are payable by check or money order. DO NOT SEND
CASH. Make checks payable to: Board of Realty Regulation
2. Failure to renew prior to January 1, 2005 will result in cancellation of your real estate license.
3. To change employment, cross out your current broker’s name and replace with your new broker’s name, fill out the
application below with new agency information and have the new broker sign it. Have your current broker prepare a letter of
release. Send in your license, release letter and an additional $45.00 transfer fee with your renewal.
4. If currently inactive, only pay the $175.00 renewal fee, complete your home information, sign, date and return the renewal.
To place your license on inactive status: write on the renewal form "place my license on inactive status", complete the home
information. Remit the $10.00 inactive fee plus the renewal fee, sign and date the application. Your broker must send a letter
of release of supervision to this office along with your wall license.
5. If you fail to renew by the December 31 deadline, you may late renew your license by completing the same procedure and
paying the additional late fee of $200.00 until February 15, 2005. The late fee is non-refundable and non-waivable.
6. Encourage your broker to send all applications in before December 1, 2004 to ensure adequate processing time.
7. License renewal is for two-years by statue 37-51-310 MCA and ARM 8.58.416, there are no exceptions.

                                               PLEASE FILL OUT PERSONALLY

NEW/CURRENT BROKER                                                                             BROKER #
                                          Signature                      Print
                                      (STREET, PO BOX IF USED FOR MAILING, CITY, STATE & ZIPCODE)

AGENCY PHONE NO.                                                     AGENCY FAX NO.

                                                      (STREET, PO BOX IF USED FOR MAILING, CITY, STATE, & ZIP CODE

**NOTICE** You must answer the following question:

YES       NO       Have any legal or disciplinary actions been instituted against you since you filed your last renewal? If so,
please attach copies of the document that initiated each action and all final orders. Mont. Code Ann. Sec. 37-1-105 requires
that you report this information. Failure to accurately furnish the information is grounds for denial or revocation.

I certify that I have read this application and the above information is true and correct, and I have complied with all license

Date:                  Signature:
                                             *** DEADLINE DECEMBER 31, 2004***
                              MONTANA BOARD OF REALTY REGULATION
                                                        P O BOX 200513
                                                     HELENA MT 59620-0513
                       e-mail address: web:
                                CONTINUING EDUCATION REPORTING FORM

                                                                                             No fees are required for filing
  LICENSE #:                                                                                 continuing education prior to
                                                                                             January 1, 2005.

The Board staff is here to assist you, however, as a licensee it is your responsibility to properly file your continuing education reporting
form. No fees are due when filing your education reporting form prior to January 1, 2005. All applicable renewal fees apply
when filing your renewal form.

You can file online at
1. Complete the education reporting form in its entirety. Incomplete forms will be returned and considered not received.
2. Education reporting forms are due to the Board of Realty Regulation office by December 31, 2004.
3. Failure to return the reporting form prior to January 1, 2005, will require the payment of $200.00 late filing fee. The late fee is non-
refundable and cannot be waived.
4. Education reporting forms will not be accepted after February 15, 2005.
5. Failure to return the completed education reporting form by February 15, 2005, is unprofessional conduct as stated in ARM
   8.58.415A and ARM 8.58.419, and will result in disciplinary action by the board.

*You may submit up to 6 hours of continuing education in addition to your rookie class, to be used as elective carry-over hours for

1. Enter the number of approved mandatory real estate CE hours attended in 2004(at least 4 hours):                  0
2. Enter the number of approved elective real estate CE hours attended in 2004: (at least 8 hours):
3. Enter the total number of carry-over reported for last year (refer to your copy of last year’s form.
    The Board staff cannot supply this information to you):                                                         0
                                                                                 NOTE: This form is self-
4. Total lines 1, 2 and 3:                                                               calculating                0
5. Subtract 12 hours needed to satisfy this year’s requirement:                                                     -12
6. Enter remainder on this line. This represents your carry-over to next year. These hours
   automatically convert to elective hours. (Cannot exceed 6 hours):                                                -12

NAME AND ADDRESS OF AGENCY (if inactive, provide home information)

AGENCY PHONE NO.                                                          AGENCY FAX NO.

E-MAIL ADDRESS                                                            HOME PHONE NO.

I swear that the information given herein is true:

Licensee Signature                                               Date:

                                               *** DEADLINE DECEMBER 31, 2004***

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