Texas Request For Issuance Of Writ (potter County) by vam16455


									                                 DISTRICT CLERK
                             POTTER COUNTY, TEXAS
(Instructions: complete this form, sign it, and MAIL it to:
District Clerk, Potter County, P. O. Box 9570, Amarillo, TX 79105

                      REQUEST FOR ISSUANCE OF WRIT

CAUSE NUMBER: _____________________________ Date:_______________
Cause number must be provided
Style of the Cause:______________________________________________________
I hereby request the District Clerk of Potter County to issue the following
writ:_____________________________________in the above captioned cause and
direct the Clerk to deliver the writ as follows for execution: (check the appropriate
_______return the writ to the requestor
_______forward the writ to the Potter County Sheriff for execution.
I have enclosed (circle one): a LAW FIRM CHECK, CASHIER'S CHECK or
MONEY ORDER (no personal checks accepted) in the amount of:
              $_______8.00 per writ
              $_______125.00 per writ for Potter County Sheriff Fees
              $_______TOTAL ENCLOSED

________________________________Signature of requestor

_____________________________________________Address of requestor

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