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									Stylish, Efficient, Money Saving Pellet Stove Inserts
When my husband and I got tired of paying high heating bills we decided
to install a pellet stove insert. We figured that we could "kill two
birds with one stone" installing a fireplace insert. The first is that we
could save money burning efficient wood pellets as a primary source of
heat and using our expensive oil heat as a secondary source. Second is
that we could close up the drafty and often unused fireplace and get rid
of the messy firewood.
We were amazed at the wide array of beautiful wood pellet stove inserts
we saw on the market. It was definitely going to be an asset for our
home. We did like the idea that we could have andirons and logsets to
make the fire look like a log fire. We learned however that we shouldn't
decide on a pellet stove insert by looks alone.
Pellet stove inserts come in many different sizes. The correct size
pellet stove insert for our home was going to depend on the square
footage we wanted to heat. There were many different manufacturers of
pellet stove inserts to choose from. We decided after doing a lot of
research online that the best choice was going to be a stove we could buy
and have installed locally.
We found out that the square footage we want to heat, the construction of
our home and the quality and quantity of insulation in our home was going
to play a big role in our choice. We also learned that the placement of
the pellet stove insert played a big role in how efficiently it would
We saw many different models, the Harman Accentra Pellet Fireplace
Insert, and several different QuadraFire inserts such as the Mt. Vernon
AE Insert, the Classic Bay 1200 Insert and the Castile Insert.
We found that all of these pellet stove inserts share some very common
features. Pellet stoves are basically carefree. Once they have the hopper
filled with wood pellets and the programmable automatic thermostat set
they take care of themselves. We found that most all had quiet blowers,
automatic lighting and programmable thermostat controls as well as remote
controls. We paid specific attention to the BTU output of each pellet
stove and their overall efficiency ratings. BTU's range from 14,000 to
60,000. Overall efficiency ratings were not easily available for every
pellet stove insert but we saw them between 80% and 84%.
Well, we've just finished our first winter season with our new QuadraFire
pellet stove insert and we couldn't be happier with our choice.
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