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7 keys to real estate online marketing

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									                7 Keys of Real Estate Online Marketing

Are you just starting out in real estate or have been an agent for quite some time
now? Well first, there are a lot of marketing decisions that you need to make. Do
you use print media, radio or television ads or online marketing? Truth is, more
and more people are doing online research before they purchase a new car,
house or even a pair of shoes. To make your presence known in this
everything-at-your-fingertips era, you must tap into the online stream. Here are
the seven main categories you might want to consider in real estate online


Blog which is short for “web log” is an online diary. It’s used as a platform to share
information with anyone who visits your website. Writing a few paragraphs and
adding it to your blog once or twice a week would let the people know that you
are seriously involved in Real Estate and that you love to share your knowledge.

Check out this Real Estate Blogging System.

Social Media

While many think that social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are just
for teens, truth is they are being used for business on a daily basis. People use
these sites to create relationships with other people, can be prospective clients,
future collaborators, etc. And by interacting with them, you do not only show that
you are a real person but also that you are interested in them.

Social Networking for Real Estate can really boost you Real Estate business.

Your e-mail can help you market your Real Estate business. Many people are
more comfortable with e-mail contact as it is less intrusive than a phone call, but
it has to be more personal than a “snail-mail”. People who are interested to learn
more about you will respond. Just remember, don’t flood someone’s inbox.


Forum is a website where people go to ask questions and they find answers.
Sometimes it is used for networking with other people as well. Forums are good
places to find answers for your questions, at the same time; it gives you
opportunity to answer others’ questions.

Virtual Tours

As you may already know, there are many places on the web where you can
create a tour for your listing. You can show so much more on a website than on a
print flyer. With special 360 degree photos, prospective buyers can really see the
home "virtually".


We should not lose sight that advertising still works nowadays. In fact, there
many ways to advertise your business and listings online. You can use use a free
classified ad source like or pay-per-click advertising like Google
AdWords, just make sure to put them where people are.
Listing Website

Creating a special website just for your listing is another good way to use the
Internet for marketing. The said website can just be a virtual tour, or it can be a
full website with links to area businesses, utility companies, schools, etc. By
creating this "one-stop-shop", prospective clients will instantly realize that you
know what you’re doing and are the expert in this area!

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