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					           Miami-Dade County Brownfields Program

                                      2008 Annual Report

                                  Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners:
Bruno A. Barreiro, Chairman; Barbara Jordan, Vice Chairwoman; Joe A. Martinez; Dennis C. Moss; Audrey Edmonson; Jose “Pepe” Diaz;
          Carlos A. Gimenez; Sally A. Heyman; Dorrin D. Rolle; Natacha Seijas; Katy Sorenson; Rebeca Sosa; Javier D. Souto
                                    MIAMI-DADE COUNTY’S 2008
                                   BROWNFIELDS ANNUAL REPORT

Miami-Dade County received delegation from the Florida Department of Environmental Management in
2000 to administer the Miami-Dade Brownfields Program. In 2008 Miami-Dade County continued its efforts
to encourage the expansion, redevelopment and reuse of brownfield sites, properties whose redevelopment
may be complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination.

Designated Brownfield Areas:

Unincorporated Miami-Dade County

On July 13, 1999 the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution R-767-99
and Ordinance 99-85, designating as brownfield areas all unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County
which are located inside the Urban Development Boundary, within Enterprise Zones, Enterprise
Communities, Empowerment Zones, Developable Areas, Targeted Urban Areas, and unincorporated areas
eligible for Community Development Block Grants. The ten brownfield areas designated in 1999 included
Carol City, Central Miami, Model City\Brownsville, Opa-Locka, Perrine, Redlands\Leisure City, Richmond
Heights, South Dade, South Miami, Sweetwater A, Sweetwater B, and Sweetwater C.

On May 20, 2003 the Board of County Commissioners designated Beacon Lakes as a brownfield area
(BF130301000) via resolution R-559-03. The Dedicated Transportation area was designated as a brownfield
area (BF130503000) on March 1, 2005 via resolution R-248-05.

The incorporation of Culter Bay, Palmetto Bay, and Miami Gardens, which changed the boundaries of the
existing brownfield areas under Miami-Dade County jurisdiction, and changes in the boundaries of the
Enterprise Zones and Community Development Block Grant-eligible areas, prompted Miami-Dade County to
amend the map of brownfield areas to reflect these changes. On February 7, 2008, the Board of County
Commissioners passed and adopted Resolution R-149-08 and Ordinance 08-19, amending the Miami-Dade
County Map of designated brownfield areas within certain unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County. As
a result, twenty five additional brownfield areas within unincorporated Miami-Dade County were created,
increasing the number of sites eligible to qualify for the economic incentives and benefits available for
brownfield redevelopment. The current map of brownfield areas within Miami-Dade County is provided on
page 9 of this report.

In 2008 the Board of County Commissioners approved two applications for confidential projects for the
Brownfield Refund Bonus, which provides tax refunds for pre-approved applicants to encourage
redevelopment and job creation within designated brownfield areas. The two businesses, which will create
75 and 410 jobs, will receive $2,000 per job created.

Incorporated Miami-Dade County

On March 10, 1998 the City of Miami Commission designated via resolution R-98-24, the Enterprise
Communities, Empowerment Zone, and Empowerment Target Areas as brownfield areas, with an
amendment (R-99-197) on March 23, 1999. On June 24, 2004 the City of Miami Commission designated
via resolution R-04-0413, the property at 1960 NW 27 Avenue as a brownfield area (BF130401000). The
property is owned by Aguaclara, Ltd and is slated for multifamily development. On February 24, 2005, the
City of Miami Commission passed a resolution that incorporated the expanded Enterprise Zones as part of
the brownfield areas.

On February 24, 1999, the City of Opa Locka Commission designated brownfield areas (BF139901000) via
resolution 99-6013. The City of Opa Locka received an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield
Initiative Grant in 2001.

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On June 7, 2000 the City of Miami Beach Commission designated via resolution 2000-23963 a city block between
Alton Road-Lenox Avenue and 5th-6th Streets a brownfield area (BF130001000).

On December 2, 2002 the City of North Miami Beach approved via resolution (R-2002-59) the designation of the
former Pace landfill located at 14700 Biscayne Boulevard as a brownfield area (BF130201000)

On October 30, 2003, the City of Hialeah Commission designated the enterprise zones as brownfield areas

On February 22, 2005, the City of Homestead Commission designated the city’s Community Redevelopment Area
(CRA) as a brownfield area (BF130501000).

On December 4th, 2006 the City of Medley passed a resolution (Resolution N. C-959) designating the Medley Auto
Parts property located at NW South River Drive and NW 96th Street, a brownfield area (BF130601000- Medley
Redevelopment Brownfield Area).

Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreements (BSRAs):

There were no new BSRAs executed in Miami-Dade County for the 2008 annual reporting period.

Status of Executed BSRA Sites in Miami-Dade County:

      The first BSRA (BF139801001) in the state of Florida was negotiated with the developer of the Wynwood
      property located between NW 1 Avenue and NW 1 Place and NW 21 – 22 Street on July 27, 1998.
      Assessment activities were performed on two parcels (east and west) and a remedial curtain was installed on
      the west property to prevent the dissolved plume from the bunker C fuel oil contamination from migrating off
      site. This BSRA is now void because the developer chose to address the contamination in the state’s
      petroleum and dry cleaning programs.

      On December 29, 2000 the property owner of a city block between Alton Road-Lenox Avenue and 5th - 6th
      Street entered into a BSRA (BF1300010001). The site formerly housed a car dealership, various automobile
      repair facilities, and a gas station. Contamination assessment has been completed for a conditional closure
      with institutional and engineering controls. Construction is nearing completion, and the building, which will
      serve as part of the engineering control, is being developed for office and commercial use.

                                      AR&J SOBE/Former Potamkin Properties

      On April 9, 2003 Biscayne Commons, LLC, entered into a BSRA (BF130201001) for redevelopment of
      a former landfill located at 14700 Biscayne Boulevard in the City of North Miami Beach. Solid waste

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was compacted, utility trenches were completed and a shopping center was constructed in 2005. A
methane gas abatement system was approved and installed. Methane is being monitored and the
ammonia in the groundwater is being addressed via a natural attenuation monitoring plan.

                   Solid Waste Removal                   Completed Shopping Center

                                          Biscayne Commons

On November 24, 2003, AMB Codina Beacon Lakes, LLC executed a BSRA (BF130301001) for
development of a business park on a property located west of the Miami International Airport and the
Florida Turnpike Homestead Extension. Solid waste removal was conducted and contamination
assessment is currently on-going. Several of the warehouse buildings have been constructed and the
completed development will also include office buildings and retail space.

A BSRA (BF139801002) was executed on December 24, 2003 with Biscayne Development Partners,
                                LLC,      for    the      Midtown
                                Miami/former Buena Vista site
                                located at 3111 N. Miami
                                Avenue. The site was formerly
                                owned by the Florida East
                                Coast Railway and was used as
                                a storage yard for freight
                                containers in the maritime
                                transport     of   goods.      The
                                contamination         assessment
                                documented lead and arsenic in
                                the soil and arsenic and
                                petroleum contamination in the
                                groundwater. This site is
                                currently in the institutional and
                                engineering control plan phase
                                in pursuit of a No Further Action
                                with Conditions site closure.
                                The development is mixed use
                                and when completed will
                                consist of 600,000 square feet
                                of retail space, 3,000 condo
                                lofts and 350 apartment units. It
will have an estimated development value of $1.2 billion and will
generate an estimated 1,700 permanent jobs.

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On February 10, 2004 a BSRA was executed for Siegel Gas (BF139904001), located at 7400 NW 30
Avenue, for expansion of their operations. Petroleum soil and groundwater contamination was documented
in an area formerly housing above-ground storage tanks. Site assessment and source removal activities
are currently being conducted.

On August 13, 2004 a BSRA was executed for the property located at 1700 NW 14th Avenue, Wagner
Square, LLC (BF139801003). The site was historically a nursery and debris was dumped on-site after
nursery operations ceased. Ash from a former city incinerator was also present at the site. Concentrations
of arsenic, barium, lead, and dioxins/furans were detected in debris and soils present on-site at
concentrations exceeding soil cleanup target levels. Wagner Square received a $1 million Brownfields
Economic Development Incentive (BEDI) grant from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
(U.S. HUD) towards remediation, as well as a $4,000,000 Section 108 U.S. HUD loan. All contaminated soil
and ash were removed from this site (15,863 tons) and a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order was issued
on October 7, 2005. The site will be redeveloped as affordable/workforce housing, a medical office building,
and commercial businesses.

                                       Wagner Square – Proposed Development

On December 21, 2004 a BSRA was executed with Liberty City Holdings, LLC (BF139904002) for the
development of Corinthian Multifamily Apartments at 2160 NW 79 Street. The site formerly housed a plant
nursery and contamination assessment documented arsenic soil and groundwater contamination. A
conditional closure, with engineering and institutional controls, has been elected for the site. Construction of
the apartment building was completed in July of 2007. The site is currently in the engineering control plan
phase and groundwater monitoring is being conducted.

                                            Corinthian Apartments

On December 21, 2004, a BSRA was executed with Dreamers, LLC (BF 139801004) for the property
located at 500 NW 36 Street, which formerly housed an automobile repair facility with underground storage
tanks. Contamination assessment identified concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds and Polynuclear

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Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the groundwater above the applicable cleanup target levels. An engineering
control was implemented to address petroleum-impacted soils. This property was redeveloped as Los
Suenos multifamily apartments, consisting of a high-rise residential tower and parking garage. Groundwater
assessment is currently being conducted in pursuit of a conditional closure.

                                            Los Sueños Apartments

On September 22, 2005, MGS Properties, LLC executed a BSRA (BF130503001) for the Dedicated
Transportation facility located at 2201 NW 110 Avenue, within the Dedicated Transportation Brownfield
Area (BFA 130503000). This site, a portion of which was a former dump, is currently undergoing

On October 14, 2005, McArthur Dairy Inc. executed a BSRA (BF 139801005) for the property located at
2451 NW 7 Avenue. McArthur Dairy operated a dairy products distribution facility with a fleet maintenance
garage at the site until March 31, 2008. The site is now vacant and oil water separators, hydraulic lifts, and
underground storage tanks were recently removed. Soil and groundwater assessment is currently being


Sandra Rezola
(305) 372-6700
Department of Environmental Resources Management
701 NW 1st Court, 8th Floor
Miami, Florida 33136

Tangie White Jackson
(305) 375-4535
Office of Community and Economic Development
Housing and Economic Development Division
701 NW 1st Court, 14th Floor
Miami, Florida 33136

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      Table 1: Designated Brownfield Areas in Miami-Dade County

           Brownfield Area Name                     Area ID #

Aguaclara Brownfield Area                         BF130401000

Beacons Lake Brownfield Area                      BF130301000

Biscayne Commons Area                             BF130201000

Biscayne Park                                     BF130824000

Carol City Area                                   BF139902000

Central Miami Area                                BF139905000

City of Hialeah Brownfield Area                   BF130302000

Coral Terrace                                     BF130825000

Dade-Opa-Locka Area                               BF139903000

Dedicated Transportation                          BF130503000

Eastern Shore A                                   BF130826000

Eastern Shore B                                   BF130827000

Eastern Shore C                                   BF130828000

Flagler Westside                                  BF130829000

Florida City - Unincorporated                     BF130830000

Fountainbleau                                     BF130831000

Glenvar Heights                                   BF130832000

Golden Glades A                                   BF130833000

Golden Glades B                                   BF130834000

Golden Glades C                                   BF130835000

Golden Glades D                                   BF130836000

Golden Glades E                                   BF130837000

Golden Glades F                                   BF130838000

Golden Glades G                                   BF130839000

Homestead CRA Area                                BF130501000

Kendall West                                      BF130840000

Lingren                                           BF130841000

Medley Redevelopment Brownfields Area             BF130601000

Miami Area                                        BF139801000

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                          Table 1 - Continued

           Brownfield Area Name                  Area ID #

Miami EZ Expansion Area                         BF130502000

Miami Industrial                                BF130814000

Model City\Brownsville Area                     BF139904000

Ojus                                            BF130842000

Opa-Locka Area                                  BF139901000

Perrine Area                                    BF139911000

Potamkin Properties                             BF130001000

Redlands\Leisure City Area                      BF139913000

Richmond Heights Area                           BF139910000

South Dade Area                                 BF139912000

South Miami Area                                BF139909000

Sweetwater A Area                               BF139906000

Sweetwater B Area                               BF139907000

Sweetwater C Area                               BF139908000

Sweetwater D Area                               BF130843000

Sweetwater E Area                               BF130844000

Tamiami Area                                    BF130845000

Westchester Area                                BF130846000

Westview Area                                   BF130847000

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                                                                                                                                                                   NW 7

                                                                                                                                                                           NE 2














                                                                                                                                    CAROL CITY
                                                      202                                                                        (MIAMI GARDENS)
                                                                                                                                                                      CAROL CITY
                                                      186                                                                                                              (COUNTY)                    EASTERN
                                                      170                                                                                    DADE-OPA LOCKA                     GOLDEN
                                                                                                                                             (MIAMI GARDENS)                    GLADES    GOLDEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BISCAYNE COMMONS
                                                                                                                   DADE-OPA LOCKA
                                                       122                                                                                                                            BISCAYNE PARK

                                                           106                                    MEDLEY

                                                                                                                                        MODEL CITY/BROWNSVILLE
                                                           90                                                               CITY

                                                            58                                            MIAMI

                                                                                                                                                         MIAMI EZ EXPANSION
                                      BEACON LAKES          25
                                                                                                                   CENTRAL MIAMI                                          MIAMI

                                                       12                                      FOUTAINBLEAU
                                                      NW 7 ST                  SWEETWATER                                                                                                                     MIAMI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Potamkin Properties

                                                                                       FLAGLER WESTSIDE
                                                       SW 8 ST                                                 TERRACE

                                                            26            24
                                                                                                              GLENVAR HEIGHTS

                                                            42            40

                                                                                                                                   SOUTH MIAMI
                                                             56                                                                 - UNINCORPORATED

                                 KENDALL                     72


                                                                                                                                                          Brownfield Areas
                                                                                                                                                         Miami-Dade County
                                                                RICHMOND HEIGHTS                                                                             County Brownfield Areas
                                                      152                                                                                                    City of Opa-Locka Brownfield Area

                                                                                                                                                             City of Miami Brownfield Areas
                                                                                                                                                             Biscayne Commons Brownfield Area
                                                       184              PERRINE            (PALMETTO BAY)
                                                                                                                                                             City of Homestead Brownfield Areas
                                                                                                                                                             City of Hialeah Brownfield Areas
                                                       200                              (CUTLER BAY)
                                                                                                                                                             Potamkin Properties/AR&J SOBE
                                                       216                                                                                                   BSRAs
                                                                  SOUTH DADE                                                                                 Former County Brownfield Areas in
                                                                   (COUNTY)                     SOUTH DADE
                                                           232                                 (CUTLER BAY)                                                  New Municipalities
                                                                                                                                                             Unincorporated Miami-Dade County
                                                           264                                                                                               Major Streets
                                  REDLANDS/ LEISURE CITY
                                                                                                                                                        Sources: Miami-Dade County PDR

                                                           296                                                                                                   Miami-Dade County DERM
                                                                                                                                                                 City of Opa-Locka
                                                           312                                                                                                   City of Miami
                                                                                                                                                                 City of Miami Beach
                                                                                                                                                                 City of Hialeah
                           HOMESTEAD CRA                   328                                                                                                   City of North Miami

                                                                                                                                                                          0.8   0.4   0            0.8    1.6            2.4
                                                           344                                                                                                                                                             Miles

                                                                                                                                                           Map created by Miami-Dade DERM GIS Group, March 2008
               FLORIDA CITY                                                                                                                                Miami-Dade County Brownfields boundaries updated February 7th, 2008.
            - UNINCORPORATED

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