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       National Semiconductor
      N         Group

AMC       Agenda

      n   COP8 Architecture Overview
      n   COP8FLASH
          n   New Release: COP8SBR On-Chip Features
          n   FLASH products in development

      n   In System Programming
          n   COP8FLASH ISP modes
          n   Demo of WinFLASH utility
      n   Emulation and Evaluation Tools
          n   Presentation and Demonstration of the Flash
              Tools and the Reference Design Board

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AMC            A Global Company
                                  Regional Business Divisions :
 12.000 Employees                 • Americas
 2B$ turnover                     • Europe
                                  • Asia Pacific
                                  • Japan

COP8 Wafer Fabs :                 Assembly Plants :
• Arlington, Texas, USA           • Singapore
• Tower Semiconductor, Israel     • Malaka, Malaysia
• TSMC, Taiwan                    Design Center:
• South Portland, Maine, USA      • Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
      12 October, 2001

      COP8: Integrating National’s extensive
      Analog IP with Internet Connectivity

 • Patented ultra
   low EMI
 • World’s smallest
   28 and 44pin uCs
 • Reliable volume
   supply, best in
   class leadtimes
 • Highly fail-safe
   and reliable

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AMC   COP8.COM Internet Connectivity Kit

      Extending the Internet to COP8-Powered Devices

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AMC           COP8.COM Internet Connectivity

Any Device, any network, any place

      Home Security

                       Gateway         Internet
      Point of Entry




  For more information see Seminar CD
  under COP8.COM
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AMC   COP8 World’s Smallest 28 pin uC

                 n   Significant Board space savings.
                      n 68% smaller than TSSOP-28

                 n   Hardware/Software tools available
                 n   Programming adapter for EPU and DM
                 n   More I/O per mm.
                      n COP8: 24 I/Os vs. 8pinSO: 6 I/O

                 n   Available NOW!!!
                      n COP8SAA7SLB 1kEPROM, 64 RAM

                      n COP8SAB7SLB 2kEPROM, 128 RAM

                      n COP8SAC7SLB 4kEPROM, 128 RAM

                 n   World’s smallest 44 pin µC coming soon!
                      n COP8SGR7HVA8; 32kEPROM, 512 RAM

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AMC           Ultra Low Electro Magnetic Emissions
                         Microcontroller without EMI Improvements

                  COP8 Device with EMI Improvements (3 Patents)

      12 October, 2001
AMC       Highly Fail-Safe and Reliable

      n   Checksum calculations according to
          UL1998 spec
      n   WATCHDOG™ and clock monitor
      n   Capability to read-back I/O pins
          independent of programmed state
      n   Software trap to detect illegal operating
      n   High ESD and noise immunity

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          Watchdog and Clock Monitor

      n   Clock Monitor triggers reset (i.e., all COP8
          I/O’s are switched to a defined state) if clock
          frequency falls below a certain minimum
          n   provides same type of safety as a separate
              oscillator for the watchdog timer
      n   Watchdog’s upper and lower trigger window
          even can detect “stuck in endless loop with
          valid watchdog service” situations

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          Independent Read Back of I/O pins

      n   The capability of all I/O pins to be read back
          independent from any programmed I/O state
          (i.e., read the “true” external pin status),
          allows the user to detect:
          n   external shorts to GND
          n   shorts to VCC            I   Bidirectional I/O Port   Pin

              open connections
                                       N           Data
          n                            T          Register
                                       N       Configuration
                                             Output-Only Port       Pin
                                       B           Data
                                       U          Register

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            Software Trap to Detect Illegal
            Operating Conditions

  n   Non-maskable Interrupt
  n   Can detect errors in program execution like
      n   over-popping of stack
      n   PC pointing to unavailable program memory address
      n   PC accessing program memory sections that contain no valid code
          (empty memory, filled with ‘00’)
      n   accessing physically not implemented RAM addresses
  n   Allows for self-recovery of microcontroller
      through software trap interrupt service routine
      (jump to 0000)

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          Flexible/Powerful On-Board Hardware

      n   Variety of flexible and powerful timers
          n   16-bit multifunction timers, supporting processor
              independent PWM, capture, and event counter
          n   16-bit IDLE/watchdog timer
          n   39kHz PWM timer
          n   100ns capture timer
          n   Pulse train generator for stepper motor control

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          Flexible/Powerful On-Board Hardware
      n   Wealth of analog features
          n   16-bit single slope A/D
          n   10-bit successive approximation A/D
          n   8-bit successive approximation A/D
          n   comparators
          n   brown-out protection
          n   dual oscillators
          n   coming soon: Op-Amps

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          Flexible/Powerful On-Board Hardware
      n   Large selection of communication interfaces
          n   USART with flexible on-chip baud generator
          n   CAN
          n   SPI
          n   MICROWIRE™

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          Flexible/Powerful On-Board Hardware
      n   Hardware Multiply and divide
          n   16-bit*8-bit multiply in 1 instruction cycle
          n   24-bit/16-bit divide in 2 instruction cycles
      n   Supports multiple oscillator options
          n   crystal clock
          n   resonator clock
          n   external square wave
          n   integrated or external R/C clock
          n   dual clock

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AMC   COP8 naming convention

              COP8              = 8 bit CMOS Microcontroller

              COP8SA            = Feature Set

              COP8SAA           = Memory Size: A=1K, B = 2K; C = 4K; ..-R = 32K

              COP8SAA7          = Memory Type: 7=OTP, 5 = ROM, 9= FLASH

              COP8SAA716        = pin count 16 pin   OR

                 COP8SBR9H      = pin count (B=16, C=20,E=28,G=40,H=44,L=68)

               COP8SAA716M      = Package: M=SO, N = DIP, SLB=CSP, V=PLCC
                  COP8SBR9HVA = Package: VA=PLCC, MW=SO, NA=DIP,

               COP8SAA716M9     = 9 Commercial temperature          0 to +70 oC;
                                = 8 Industrial temperature        -40 to +85 oC;
                                = 7 Extented temperature          -40 to +125 oC,
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              Existing Products
                           COPCJ822        COPCL884
COPC820       COPEB888
                           COPCJ820        COPCL888
COPC822         COPBC884   COPCJ842   COPC912
COPC840         COPBC885   COPCJ840             COPEK888
          COPCF888   COPGW888
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       National Semiconductor

      COP8SBR and CBR 32k FLASH
       COP8SBR Block Diagram

                                  µC   8-bit Core                                         I/O Ports                      Power / Control
       Clock                                                        USART
                             M odified Harvard
        Halt                                                                  D   F   C    G    L     B   A   E        VCC GND CKI Reset
       Reset                                               16-bit
                         16-bit                             Idle                                              Oscillator
                         Timer                             Timer         Watchdog                            Dual Clock
      Interrupt           T1                                 T0           Timer                            Clock Doubler

                     A                                                         32 kB
      Instruction                                          16-bit    16-bit                    1 kB
        Decode       B                                     Timer     Timer                                        Multi-Input
                                        A                                        &             RAM
         Logic       X                                      T2        T3       Virtual                             Wake-Up
                                        L                  50ns      50ns
                     SP                                                       EEPROM
                                                      PC                                                  Brown-Out
       Illegal  ICNTRL
      Condition CNTRL
                   S                                                          1Kx8
             CPU Registers                                                    ROM

                                                                                                                                     Page 20
AMC       COP8SBR Features
      n   32K on-chip Flash Memory for Program/Data Storage

      n   1024 Bytes for Data Storage

      n   Up to 52 Bi-directional, high sink/source I/O Pins
          n   Plus 8 high-sink output-only Pins

      n   One USART Sync/Async Serial Port

      n   MICROWIRE™ Synchronous Serial Interface

      n   Three 16-bit Multifunction Timers
          n   Two are high speed (50ns resolution)

          n   Plus a fourth free running 16-bit Timer (real time clock)

                                                                          Page 21
AMC       … More Features

      n   Up to user defined 32K on-chip Virtual EEPROM

      n   WATCHDOG™ and Clock Monitor

      n   Precise Analog In-Circuit-Emulation

      n   Brown Out Detector (two voltage options)

      n   Dual Clocks (high-speed 10 MHz & low-speed 32 KHz)

      n   Clock Doubler: twice the performance of earlier COP8s

      n   True In System Programming

              Zero External Hardware

      n   Thirteen multi-source vectored Interrupts
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AMC       FLASH benefits vs. ROM/OTP
      n   Obsoleting obsolescence - No more scrap
          n   Software bug/last minute spec change? Re-program it!
      n   No more mask charges/ 3rd party programming
      n   Faster time to market
          n   Through end-of-line, in-system programming capability,
              system production can be started in parallel to software
      n   Easier order logistics, warehousing & reduced
          n   no more separate ROM codes for each model variation-only
              stock one part. “Customization” happens at end of line.
      n   Easier, faster PQA of field returns
          n   FLASH controllers can be loaded with a special “system test
              program” to easily QA the entire system
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AMC       COP8FLASH Benefits
      n   Fail-safe FLASH updates through Boot ROM

      n   Zero Cost EEPROM, eliminates battery backed SRAM
          or external EEPROM

      n   High Endurance - 100,000 Erase/Write Cycles

      n   Superior Data Retention - 100 Years

      n   Low Voltage - Low Power Operation

      n   Low Noise through Patented EMI Reduction Circuitry

      n   Precise Analog Emulation

      n   Multiple Programming Methods

      n   Absolute Code Security                          Page 24
AMC       Competitive Comparison
      n   Motorola 68HC908GP32 from the 6808 MCU Family

      n   Philips P89CE558 from the 8051 MCU Family

      n   Microchip PIC16F877 from the PIC MCU Family

      n   Atmel ATmega161 from the AVR MCU Family

      n   STMicro ST72311R6 from the ST7 MCU Family

      n   NEC uPD78F0034AY from the 78 K0 MCU Family

                                                        Page 25
      Feature Set Comparison
      Motorola (68HC908GP32)

                                         COP8CxR9   68HC908GP32
      FLAS H

      Wa tc h Do g Tim e r                 Ye s          No

      10-bit A / D Co n v e rte rs        16 chan    8-bit 8 chan
      Bro w n Out De te c to r             Ye s

      Pre c isio n Ana l o g Emulation

                                                                    Page 26
      Feature Set Comparison
      Philips (P89CE558)

                                          COP8CxR9     P89CE558
      FLAS H

                                                        UART, I
      16-bit Time rs                         3                  3
      Wa tc h Do g Tim e r                  Ye s              Ye s

      10-bit A / D Co n v e rte rs         16 chan         8 chan
      Bro w n Out De te c to r              Ye s     Lo w Vo lta g e De te c t

      True In Syste m P ro g ra m m ing     Ye s              Ye s
      Pre c isio n Ana l o g Emulation      Ye s               No

                                                                                 Page 27
      Feature Set Comparison
      Microchip (PIC16F877)

                                          COP8CxR9     PIC16F887
      FLAS H

                                                     US ART,S P I/I2C
      16-bit Time rs                         3        1 & two 8-bit
      Wa tc h Do g Tim e r                  Ye s           Ye s

      10-bit A / D Co n v e rte rs         16 chan       8 chan
      Bro w n Out De te c to r              Ye s           Ye s
      True In Syste m P ro g ra m m ing     Ye s           No
      Pre c isio n Ana l o g Emulation      Ye s           No

                                                                        Page 28
      Feature Set Comparison
      Atmel (ATmega161)

                                          COP8CxR9   ATm e g a 1 6 1
      FLAS H

      10-bit A / D Co n v e rte rs         16 chan        No
      Bro w n Out De te c to r              Ye s          Ye s
      True In Syste m P ro g ra m m ing     Ye s          Ye s
      Pre c isio n Ana l o g Emulation      Ye s          No

                                                                       Page 29
      Feature Set Comparison
      STMicro (ST72311R6)

                                          COP8CxR9    ST72311R6
      FLAS H

      10-bit A / D Co n v e rte rs         16 chan         8 chan
      Bro w n Out De te c to r              Ye s     Lo w Vo lta g e De te c t

      True In Syste m P ro g ra m m ing     Ye s               No
      Pre c isio n Ana l o g Emulation      Ye s               No

                                                                                 Page 30
      Feature Set Comparison
      NEC (upD78F0034AY)

                                       COP 8 CxR9   u P D78F0034AY
      FLAS H

                                                    UART, S P I, I2C
      16-bit Time rs                       3         1 & two 8 -b it
      Wa tc h Do g Tim e r                Ye s            Ye s

      10-bit A / D Co n v e rte rs      16 chan         8 chan
      Bro w n Out De te c to r            Ye s            No
      True In Syste m P ro g ramming      Ye s            No
      Pre c ision Ana lo g Emulation      Ye s            No

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       Additional Cost for Comparable
  On-Chip Fe ature           Dis c re te S o lution            National       Mo torola     Philips

                                (AVG. COST)                 COP8CxR Family   68HC908GP32   P89CE558

          RAM               512 byte S R AM ($.25)             Included         $0.25      Included

       EEPROM           32K of Virtual EEPROM ($.25)           Included         $0.25       $0.25

                                                               Included         $0.13       $0.13

                        Exte rnal 16-bit Tim e r ($.25) &
      16-bit Tim e rs                                          Included         $0.13      Included
                         Exte rnal 8-bit Tim e r ($.12)

                        Ext 10-bit A/D, 16 chan ($.25),
       10-bit A / D     Ext 10-bit A/D, 8 chan ($.12),         Included         $0.13       $0.25
                         Ext 8-bit A/D, 8 chan ($0.06)

 Brown Out Dete c tor    Brown Out Dete c tor ($.35)           Included         $0.35       $0.35

       To tal Co s t                                              0             $1.24       $0.98

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