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									Social Bookmarking - Let's Tag
By now hopefully you have a basic understanding of social bookmarking. So
let's move onto one of the primary aspects related to social bookmarking,
popularly known as tagging.
Tagging is really the act of bookmarking a site with one of the related
services and a tag is actually nothing more than an anchored keyword.
Let's say for example that you are interested in gardening and you find a
really resourceful site on gardening, you could "tag" that site with the
tag of "gardening" as well as other relative terms and then distribute
the page from your chosen bookmarking service with others. This is
generally the way that tagging is used by the most social marketers and
promoters to share sites with each other.
So now you are probably pondering how you use this to uphold your sites
and actually make some real cash off it. It's really quite simple.
Let's say you have a site about cycles and you write a resourceful
article about the the cyclists of this era. Well, you attach the article
with the tagline, "Cyclists of this Era" and then link to the URL on your
site where the article actually resides. It is really that simple, the
tag just needs to be appropriate to the subject matter you are linking
Relevancy in tagging is of utmost importance in order to gain a
knowledgeable flow of interested prospects.
The more traffic you can generate the better it is for search engine
ranking. Thus, the more traffic you can channel onto your site, the
better are your chances to actually get even more traffic to your site.
Similar to keywords and search engines, the longer phrases usually
dominate tag lines. However it is better to keep the tag quote simple to
enable its unearthing by search engines as well as by the casual surfers.
When it comes to the application of social bookmarking and tagging for
business promotion you can place tags on your site which and promoted in
the social bookmarking directories.
Remember that persevering with respect to social bookmarking will
certainly reek in the benefits in the longer run.
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about it. He manges many campaigns on different levels as his articles
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