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									Understanding SMO Or Social Media Optimization
To survive and compete in the marketplace every business should know and
use the latest technologies and methods. And the same is valid in the
area of promotion and advertising. However a solution has been found to
tackle this problem and it is named as SMO.
SMO basically stands for social media optimization. You may have known
about SEO but SMO is a new word in the online dictionary. To start with,
it's important to understand what are these social media platforms? Sites
that are not strictly trade oriented but their actual focus is on social
interactivity are said to be social media sites. They indeed help in
exchange of thoughts and ideas. Some of the popular and well known social
media sites are YouTube, Digg and MySpace.
SEO and SMO are inter-related but remember they are two different terms.
SEO provides your website a firm, long term place in the ranking list
while SMO helps to boost up small based business by creating a viral
buzz. The main motive of SMO is to make your website popular and easy to
locate by the custom search engines like Technorati. It can be done in
many ways maybe with the use of blogs or podcasts; but remember that your
main motive here is to make the website easily linkable.
SMO rules
Here are some important rules that govern the Social Media Optimization:-
Give ability for quick and easy linking.
Put Book-marking and Tagging.
Should have Social Networking.
Let the comments and views to get posted on your lively contents.
Make blog for your website.
Reward the inbound links.
Your website can also get extra traffic from different other channels by
the use of SMO strategies. In this way popularity of your website gets
increased amongst people. Moreover it will help you understand what's in
the trend, actual requirement of your customers, their feedbacks,
consequently improving your services.
SMO is a very new method designed to match up with the rapid innovation
and advancement in online business. Therefore in order to get more and
better publicity use SMO. If you want to be successful in social media
optimization then it's important to secure the usernames to be used in
emails and sites like hotmail, gmail etc.
How to excel at SMO
Basically there are three important ways in which you can successfully
excel at SMO and they are as follows:-
It should contain active and interesting content. Try to write what you
actually feel as people love to know about your feelings.
It's very important to know about your target audience and then plan
things according to it.
Your content should have the capacity to attract and persuade more people
towards the site. An essential factor of SMO is linkage.
Hence, SMO or Social Media Optimization is an effectual tool of promoting
a website. Also it is said to be a complete and perfect method of
promoting products or services, in the most suitable way. No doubt, there
are a number of benefits if you advertise your products or services with
The author is dynamic web content writer, SMO, and budding SEO. He has
got the experience in writing quality content for various websites and
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