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					                                                                     Renewable, Reliable, Economical
                                                                                   Power for Florida
Dear Neighbor,                                                                                  January 14, 2010

On behalf of Gainesville Renewable Energy Center LLC, I want to notify you about our plans for the Gainesville
Renewable Energy Center (GREC). GREC will use clean, renewable, biomass material (e.g., ground/chipped
wood) to generate electricity, which will be sold to Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) for distribution to
GRU’s customers. GREC will be built within the northwest portion of the site where the GRU’s Deerhaven
Generating Station is located. The GREC site is shown on the map that is included with this letter.

GREC is being built because GRU and the Gainesville City Commission have concluded that the City’s
customers need new sources of clean, reliable electrical energy. The City and GRU hosted more than
43 community workshops and 37 publicly-noticed, televised Gainesville City Commission meetings as well as a
competitive procurement process to evaluate their options. Ultimately, they decided GREC would be the best
solution for the citizens of Gainesville.

GREC will use proven, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art emissions control systems to protect human
health and the environment. Air emissions from the facility will be minimized by using Best Available Control
Technology in compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. GREC will use a Zero Liquid
Discharge system to eliminate industrial wastewater.

GREC will use clean, woody biomass materials as fuel. This material will include limbs, logs and other waste
wood that typically is left behind after the completion of logging operations. In addition, GREC will utilize
woody tree thinnings from forestry operations, as well as tree trimmings that are generated by landscaping
contractors, power line clearance contractors, and other non-forestry related sources of woody debris. This fuel is
renewable and it will be obtained while practicing good forest stewardship. GREC will comply with the Florida
Division of Forestry’s Best Management Practices. GREC also will comply with additional recognized standards
that foster improved nutrient retention in forest soils and promote the overall health of the forest. GREC’s fuel
will not include coal, treated or painted wood, municipal solid waste, construction or demolition debris,
hazardous waste, petroleum coke, or tires.

Electrical energy produced from biomass fuel does not contribute to climate change. Using renewable biomass
fuel will ensure that GREC’s emissions are carbon neutral with regard to greenhouse gases.

GREC will generate well-paying jobs in the construction and operation of the plant, and in the collection,
processing, and transportation of biomass material. At the peak of construction, the facility will employ over
400 employees. Approximately 45 permanent jobs will be created at GREC. Approximately 450 additional jobs
will be created throughout the region to support GREC.

We recently filed an application with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other agencies for
authorization to construct and operate the GREC pursuant to the Florida Electrical Power Plant Siting Act
(PPSA). We also published notice about our PPSA application in the Gainesville Sun. A copy of the newspaper
notice is attached for your information. This notice identifies several locations where our PPSA application is
available for inspection.

We look forward to providing clean, reliable, renewable energy to meet the needs of the Gainesville community.

Very truly yours,

Mr. James Gordon, CEO of GREC, LLC

Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, LLC
75 Arlington Street, 5 Floor, Boston, MA 02116
                                           NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR
                                        ELECTRICAL POWER PLANT SITE CERTIFICATION
     On November 30, 2009, application number PA09-55 was led with                        party no later than 75 days after the application is led, the      permit program, except as expressly allowed in such program.
the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Department) for                       following shall also be parties to the proceeding:                      Sections 403.511(1) and (2), F.S., state:
certi cation to authorize construction and operation of the Gainesville                                                                                               (1) Subject to the conditions set forth therein, any certi cation
Renewable Energy Center (GREC). The Gainesville Renewable Energy                          1. Any agency not listed in paragraph (a) [Section 403.508(3)(a)]           signed by the Governor shall constitute the sole license of the
Center will use clean, renewable, biomass material (e.g., chipped wood)                   as to matters within its jurisdiction.                                      state and any agency as to the approval of the site and the
to generate electricity. The applicant (Gainesville Regional Energy                                                                                                   construction and operation of the proposed electrical power
Center, LLC) will provide the electricity to Gainesville Regional Utilities               2. Any domestic nonpro t corporation or association formed,                 plant, except for the issuance of department licenses required
(GRU) for distribution to GRU’s customers. The GREC will consist of a                     in whole or in part, to promote conservation or natural beauty;             under any federally delegated or approved permit program and
100 megawatt (net) electrical power plant, associated facilities, and the                 to protect the environment, personal health, or other biological            except as otherwise provided in subsection (4) [403.511(4)].
site. The associated facilities will include an access road, a storage yard               values; to preserve historical sites; to promote consumer
for biomass materials, two electrical switchyards, electrical transmission                interests; to represent labor, commercial or industrial groups; or          (2)(a) The certi cation shall authorize the licensee named therein
lines,a cooling tower,and related systems. The GREC site is approximately                 to promote comprehensive planning or orderly development of                 to construct and operate the proposed electrical power plant,
131 acres in size and it is contained within the 1,146 acre site of the GRU’s             the area in which the proposed electrical power plant is to be              subject only to the conditions of certi cation set forth in such
existing Deerhaven Generating Station. The GREC site is located east of                   located.                                                                    certi cation, and except for the issuance of department licenses
SR 441, approximately 7 miles southeast of the City of Alachua downtown                                                                                               or permits required under any federally delegated or approved
area, and approximately 8 miles northwest of downtown Gainesville.                  (d) Notwithstanding paragraph (e) [Section 403.508(3)(e)], failure of             permit program.
     The GREC application and case are pending before the Division of                     an agency described in subparagraph (c)(1) [Section 403.508(3)
Administrative Hearings, DOAH Case No. 09-6641EPP, prior to action by                     (c)1.] to le a notice of intent to be a party within the time               (b)1. Except as provided in subsection (4), the certi cation may
the Governor and Cabinet, pursuant to the Florida Electrical Power Plant                  provided herein shall constitute a waiver of the right of that              include conditions which constitute variances, exemptions, or
Siting Act, Chapter 403, Part II, Florida Statutes (F.S.). The application                agency to participate as a party in the proceeding.                         exceptions from nonprocedural requirements of the department
for certi cation is available for public inspection during normal business                                                                                            or any agency which were expressly considered during the
hours at the following locations:                                                   (e) Other parties may include any person, including those persons                 proceeding, including, but not limited to, any site speci c
       Department of Environmental Protection                                             enumerated in paragraph (c)[Section 403.508(3)(c)] who have                 criteria, standards, or limitations under local land use and zoning
       Siting Coordination Of ce                                                          failed to timely le a notice of intent to be a party, whose                 approvals which affect the proposed electrical power plant or its
       The Douglas Building                                                               substantial interests are affected and being determined by the              site, unless waived by the agency and which otherwise would
       3900 Commonwealth Boulevard                                                        proceeding and who timely le a motion to intervene pursuant to              be applicable to the construction and operation of the proposed
       Tallahassee, Florida 32399                                                         chapter 120 and applicable rules. Intervention pursuant to                  electrical power plant.
                                                                                          this paragraph may be granted at the discretion of the designated
      Department of Environmental Protection                                              administrative law judge and upon such conditions as he or she               2. No variance, exemption, exception, or other relief shall
      Northeast District Of ce                                                            may prescribe any time prior to 30 days before the                          be granted from a state statute or rule for the protection
      7825 Baymeadows Way, Suite B200                                                     commencement of the certi cation hearing.                                   of endangered or threatened species, aquatic preserves,
      Jacksonville, Florida 32256                                                                                                                                     Outstanding National Resource Waters, or Outstanding Florida
                                                                                    (f) Any agency, including those whose properties or works are                     Waters or for the disposal of hazardous waste, except to the
      Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, LLC                                            being affected pursuant to Section 403.509(6), shall be made a              extent authorized by the applicable statute or rule or except upon
      3701 Northwest 98th Street                                                          party upon the request of the department or the applicant.                  a nding in the certi cation order that the public interests set
      Gainesville, Florida 32606                                                                                                                                      forth in s. 403.509(3) in certifying the electrical power plant at
                                                                                    Failure to follow the requirements and meet the timetables set forth              the site proposed by the applicant overrides the public interest
      Alachua County Library                                                    in Section 403.508(3), F.S., shall constitute a waiver of any right a person          protected by the statute or rule from which relief is sought.
      District Headquarters                                                     may have to participate as a party to this proceeding.
      401 East University Avenue                                                                                                                                  Issues relating to the applicant’s use of, connection to, or the crossing
      Gainesville, Florida 32601                                                    Section 403.508(4)(b), F.S., states:                                     of properties and works of agencies may be addressed in the certi cation
                                                                                                                                                             proceeding. These issues may involve Alachua County and the Suwannee
     State agencies and local governments will be studying the application               When appropriate, any person may be given an opportunity River Water Management District.
and preparing reports and recommendations on the proposed facility                       to present oral or written communications to the designated              GREC LLC also led an application for a permit to construct the
for the certi cation hearing. Interested individuals should review the                   administrative law judge. If the designated administrative law GREC pursuant to the state and federal programs for the Prevention of
application and bring matters of concern to the appropriate agency’s                     judge proposes to consider such communications, then all parties Signi cant Deterioration (PSD) of air quality. Further, the applicant will
attention as soon as possible. Information regarding the appropriate                     shall be given an opportunity to cross-examine or challenge or seek a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit for the
contact persons in the agencies may be obtained from Mr. Michael P.                      rebut such communications.                                          control and treatment of any stormwater runoff associated with the
Halpin, P.E., at the Department of Environmental Protection’s Siting                                                                                         construction and operation of the facility.
Coordination Of ce, 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida               Any notice of intent to be a party or motion to intervene must be sent        This Public Notice is also provided in compliance with the federal
32399-2400, at (850)245-2002.                                                   to:                                                                          Coastal Zone Management Act, as speci ed in 15 CFR Part 930, Subpart
     Any person wishing to participate in the proceedings, either as a party              Judge C.A. Stampelos                                               D. Public comments on the applicant’s federal consistency certi cation
or without party status, must follow either Section 403.508(3) or (4)b,                   Administrative Law Judge                                           should be directed to the Federal Consistency Coordinator, Department
F.S. Under Section 403.508(3)(a), F.S., the parties to the proceeding shall               Division of Administrative Hearings                                of Community Affairs, Sadowski Building, 2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard,
include:                                                                                  The Desoto Building                                                Tallahassee, Florida 32399.
1. The applicant, Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, LLC.                               1230 Apalachee Parkway
       2. The Florida Public Service Commission.                                          Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3060
       3. The Florida Department of Community Affairs.
       4. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation                            and must contain the following: reference to the application number;
          Commission.                                                           the name, address, and telephone number of the agency or person; and
       5. The Suwannee River Water Management District.                         allegations suf cient to demonstrate the agency or person is entitled to
       6. The Florida Department of Environmental                               participate in the proceeding. The notice or motion must be sent by mail
          Protection.                                                           to the applicant and to all parties. (A list of parties may be obtained
       7. The North Central Florida Regional Planning Council.                  from the Department’s Of ce of Siting Coordination at the address above.)
       8. Alachua County.                                                       Those wishing to intervene in these proceedings, unless appearing on
       9. The Florida Department of Transportation.                             their own behalf, must be represented by an attorney or other person who
                                                                                can be determined to be quali ed to appear in administrative proceedings
The remainder of Section 403.508(3), F.S., states:                              pursuant to Chapter 120, F.S., or Rule 28-106.106, F.A.C.
                                                                                     In regard to variances or other relief, Section 403.507(3), F.S., requires
    (b) Any party listed in paragraph [Section 403.508(3)(a)] other than        that agency reports include a notice of any nonprocedural requirements
        the Department or the applicant may waive its right to participate      not speci cally listed in the application from which a variance, exemption,
        in these proceedings. If such listed party fails to le a notice of      exception, or other relief is necessary in order for any proposed electrical
        its intent to be a party on or before the 90th day prior to the         power plant to be certi ed. Subsection 62-17.133(1), F.A.C., similarly
        certi cation hearing, such party shall be deemed to have waived         requires that agencies identify in their reports any such needed variances
        its right to be a party.                                                or other relief. Failure to provide such notice shall be treated as a waiver
                                                                                from nonprocedural requirements of the Department or any other agency.
    (c) Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 120, upon the ling            However, no variance shall be granted from standards or regulations of
        with the administrative law judge of a notice of intent to be a         the Department applicable under any federally delegated or approved