Niche Marketing - Four of the Best Social Media Content Websites to Make Money in Your Niche Market

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					Niche Marketing - Four of the Best Social Media Content Websites to Make
Money in Your Niche Market
Social media content has been all the rage for a couple of years now.
With sites like MySpace, Facebook, Digg, and Twitter outshining the rest
of the Internet, it's no wonder that marketers are trying to get in on
the action. Social media content is leading the way on the online
frontier. There's also a lot of ways to make money with these types of
sites. Here are just a few:
1. MySpace is one of the most popular user-generated social media content
sites out there. In fact, it's the sixth most popular website in the
entire world. Millions and millions of people are logging onto MySpace
every day and it would be foolish for any marketer not to take advantage
of the opportunity of marketing on MySpace. One of the best ways to do
this is find a hobby group on MySpace that reflects your niche, and make
a post or two about it in a thread, or create your own thread. Just don't
act like a spammer or you could get kicked out of the group and off of
MySpace quickly.
2. Facebook is another good site. It's a lot like MySpace and has over 24
million users on it at any given time all around the globe. If you
already have a personal account on Facebook, I would recommend
registering a business-only account for your marketing activities on the
site. A lot of the personal account add-ons and such can look
unprofessional, and may turn people off.
A good way to market on Facebook is decorating your business profile with
your advertisements, and adding friends so they'll see them. Just like on
MySpace, be careful not to come off as a spammer or you could have your
account deleted.
3. Digg is the third best social media content website for making money.
With Digg, it's all about the articles. Whether you've created them
yourself or have had them outsourced, you need to submit your niche
articles to Digg with one of the links in the article referring back to
your site or one of your affiliate products.
Digg is like democracy on the Internet. The more people that vote or
'Digg' your article, the more it rises through the ranks and more people
will view it. Send the link to your Digg article to everyone you know and
have them Digg it to gain your article more popularity in your niche
marketing efforts.
4. Twitter, although it has been around awhile, is the fastest-growing
social media content site for individuals and business owners. With a
140-character maximum post, the "Tweets" as they're called, provide you
with snippets of useful information.
With Twitter, you can advertise your niche market business in your
profile, and hundreds of Twitter tools have been created to instantly
notify you when someone "follows" you.
In addition, Twitter allows you to search for niche market keywords,
companies, people, and stores. Then you can follow those business owners
to stay on top of what's hot and what's not.
One important secret for achieving success in your niche market business
is knowing where to hang out online. By using social media content sites,
your products and services get worldwide exposure, and you get to
instantly make friends with lots of people who share your interests.
I would like to invite you to view more tips and secrets for researching
and conquering your niche market by going to
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