An Introduction to Social Media Optimization

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					An Introduction to Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization is getting immensely popular as an interactive
marketing strategy. This technique is mainly used for optimizing various
websites. It enables websites to get connected to varied online sites and
make them popular among online communities. This immensely popular and
magnetic term is also known as SMO.
The major concept behind SMO is the optimization of a site by executing
several changes to it. With the application of these changes, sites would
become more visible as well as accessible. If the concerned site appears
more frequently on custom search engines, such as Technorati that means
it has been successfully optimized. Other significant posts that denote
the success of site are blogs, vlogs and podcasts.
Rohit Bhargava coined the term Social Media Optimization. According to
him, strategies applied in this great marketing technique draws people to
a specific website. For Instance, new channels are great way for drawing
people to a particular website.
This hugely popular marketing strategy is based on major five rules.
Firstly, you must enhance links of the specific site. Secondly, tagging
and book marking must be made easier. Thirdly, links that are inbound
must be rewarded. Fourthly, you must make the content travel a lot.
Lastly, promoting the mash up would definitely help in the optimization
of the site.
SMO mainly comprises of various strategies, such as appending RSS feeds
and "Digg This". Another popular strategy is the inclusion of Flicker
photo slides or YouTube videos. Other major highlights are the active
participation and spreading awareness by conversation with the community.
Although, SMO or Social Media Optimization is a new term in the internet
marketing, but it is the best way for making you presence felt