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Advanced Tips for Social Media


									Advanced Tips for Social Media
There are different social media available. Productive social media may
be of different types like wikipedia, MySpace, YouTube, Second Life,
Digg, Flickr etc.
Share content – Share the content with others. Many of the social media
is meant for sharring. Sharing may be anyhting like video, audio,
content, games and others. Share these things with other members. Sharing
increases the netwrok and relationship among you.
Choose the Social media – Choose the social media before you start using
it. See what your need is. If you want to share article go to wikipedia,
if you want to share your video go to YouTube and so on. Selection should
be perfect for you to become successful. For a gamer a game related
social media will be the best.
Network – Create a strong and wide network in the social media you use.
Network creation is very essential and beneficial for you. Network will
give you a strong influential power in the social media. Productive
social media want better network.
Relationship – Build relationships with the members. Social media is
about meeting others and making friendship and sharing. Keep the mot up
and make it evident with your social media. Relationships make productive
social media.
Optimize your social media pages- Optimize the social media pages you
have. Use different optimization techniques like link placing, link
building, content optimizing etc. When you optimize your pages you will
get more visitors from different websites.
Get traffic- Get traffic through different media to your website. Use
link bait, quality content, and optimization to get more traffic to your
Use different social media- You may have different needs, so use
different social media like podcasting, blogging, wikis, social
networking, social bookmarking etc.
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