Raglan Style Maternity Tops by primusboy


									Raglan Style Maternity Tops
A raglan sleeve is considered a type of sleeve that has a distinguished
characteristic which extends in one piece fully to the collar; which
leaves a diagonal seam from arm pit to collarbone. This pattern has
become increasingly popular in sports and exercise wear, but is also
gaining popularity in maternity wear for its slimming capabilities. The
raglan sleeve was named after the first Baran Raglan as it was designed
to fit his coat for the arm he lost in the battle of Waterloo.
The raglan sleeve is used commonly in the making of clothing such as
sweatshirts, jerseys, and other sports wear that lend themselves well to
pregnancy. The construction differs greatly as instead of several pieces
sewn together, it is attached as a single piece. This style increases the
movability of the person who wears it, and is extremely comfortable; as
there is no shoulder seam in the garment with a raglan sleeve.
Shirts made with the raglan sleeve are usually designed to be a bit more
casual in look. T-shirts with short or a three quarter length sleeve are
usually made this way as well. In many cases, the raglan sleeve is made
from fabric that is of a different color than the rest of the shirt which
creates a sporty racing stripe look. For even more of a visual
stimulation, some may also differ in color from one another along with
both the back and front panel of the shirt.
Maternity clothes benefit from the raglan sleeve because this sleeve
design is perfect with loose, free-flowing styles of tops and dresses for
expecting mothers. This design also lends itself fairly well to a plus
sized wardrobe. This shirt type has become increasingly popular due to
its simple to sew design that requires less stitching, and it is also
becoming more popular for knitting or crocheting sweaters due to the
While the raglan sleeve is usually seen in your average t-shirt or long
sleeve tee, it can also be accomplished in jackets and coats as well. For
this reason these jackets are particularly suited for a pregnant woman,
as the sleeve provides more room for swelling than the traditional tight-
fitting jacket or winter coat. The wider underarm area will also allow
for a more free movement, which will make it easier for the pregnant
woman to move about; without added stress from her clothing.
Much like any other t-shirt the raglan sleeve tops are usually easy to
care for, allowing you to take this ease of use top nearly anywhere. Many
maternity shops are now offering a wide variety of non-sporty raglan tops
to fit nearly any woman's pregnancy and fashion needs. I can guarantee
that once you have tried on a raglan, that you will not wish to go back
to a normal piece together sleeve.
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