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Butterfly_Lesson_02 by PradeepKothari



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									 “For I reckon     The Lesson of the
     that the
  sufferings of        Butterfly
   this present
  time are not
  worthy to be
 compared with
the glory which
     shall be
revealed in us.”
  ROMANS 8:18
I had kept the cocoon of a
butterfly for nearly a year,
when one day I noticed with
excitement that the little
insect was beginning to
come out.

The cocoon was very
peculiar in its construction.
There was just a very narrow
opening left in the neck of
the flask, through which the
perfect butterfly would have
to force its way.

Such a small opening
compared to the size of the
imprisoned insect made me
wonder how the exit could
ever be accomplished at all!
I watched it patiently striving
and struggling to get out.
It never seemed to be able to
get beyond a certain point,
and at last my patience was
I thought that I was wiser and
more compassionate than its
Maker, and I resolved to give it
a helping hand!

  With the point of my scissors I snipped the
   confining threads to make the exit just a
                 little easier...
... And lo! Immediately, and
with perfect ease, out crawled
my butterfly... dragging a
huge swollen body and little
shriveled wings!
I eagerly waited to see the marvelous process
of expansion in which the wings develop
before one’s eyes. I longed to see them
assume their due proportions and the creature
to appear in all its perfect beauty.

   But I looked in vain!
My poor butterfly
was never anything
but a stunted
abortion, crawling
painfully through
its brief life which it
should have spent
flying through the
air on rainbow
I learned later that
the great labor and
difficulty in passing
through such a
narrow opening is
nature’s provision for
forcing the juices into
the vessels of the
wings, which aren’t
totally developed at
the period of
emerging from the
My false tenderness
had proved its ruin.
I now look back and
think of it often, when
watching with pitiful
eyes those who are
struggling with
sorrow, suffering and
distress; and feel
tempted to cut short
the discipline and give
I say to myself:
“Shortsighted man!
How do I know that
one of these pangs or
groans could be
I asked for Strength,
And God gave me
Difficulties to make
me Strong.

I asked for Wisdom,
And God gave me
Problems to Solve.

I asked for prosperity
And God gave me
Intelligence and
Muscles to work.
I asked for
And God gave
me Obstacles to

I asked for
And God put
people with
problems in my
path for me to
I didn’t get
exactly what
I asked.
  But I
 all that
I needed!
We all need to
challenges and
difficulties in our

If God would allow
us to live our lives
without obstacles,
we would be weak.
And we could never
gain the strength of
character He needs
us to have in order
to succeed in life.

We could never fly!
                  Our Father’s Love is
                  too true to be weak.
                          “There is always the hope
                           of tomorrow to brighten
                             the clouds of today.
                           There is always a corner
                          for turning no matter how
                                weary the way.
Just look ahead to tomorrow and trust that you’ll
find waiting there, the sunlight that seemed to be
     hidden by yesterday’s clouds of despair”
       Jesus is our very present help in trouble.
  If you haven’t yet accepted Him as your personal
Savior, you can do it right now by praying this simple
                      little prayer:
  “Dear Jesus, I need you in
   my life. Please come into
  my heart, forgive all of my
 sins & give me your free gift
  of eternal life. I commit my
   life and all of my cares to
 you . Help me to grow close
    to you so that I can be a
  blessing to others. Amen.”

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