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How to Stop Morning Sickness - 4 Keys to Your Success by primusboy


									How to Stop Morning Sickness - 4 Keys to Your Success
One morning you wake up, or maybe you're at work. You feel dizzy and the
room is spinning. Your stomach is queasy and you feel like you might not
make it to the bathroom in time. Then the thought hits you..."How do I
stop morning sickness?"
For most of us, morning sickness is a necessary evil. One that was handed
down to us through the generations. About three quarters of pregnant
women experience nausea and sometimes vomiting during their first
trimester. It may seem as though you have no defense, but not all is
lost. If you're looking for a way to stop morning sickness, I'm going to
give you a few timeless tips on how to do just that.
Tip 1:
During pregnancy, our body's nutrients become low with us sharing them
with the baby. Have your blood checked by your doctor for a low iron
level. Low iron levels (also called anemia) can cause certain physical
conditions, 3 of which are light headedness, nauseous and also feeling
dizzy. Your doctor may prescribe an iron supplement which can get you
back on track.
Tip 2:
Increase the protein in your diet. Eat snacks that will give you a daily
boost of protein. Peanut butter on celery or parsley, nuts, milk, yogurt
or even children's snack meals that contain white chicken breast are
snacks you can use to help boost protein. Also you can try almonds which
are a great source of protein and have a proven track record of stopping
morning sickness.
Tip 3:
Drink liquids that have ginger in them. Try and find juices or pops that
have 10% ginger in their makeup. Also, to quickly eliminate the feeling
of being nauseous eat very small slivers of ginger. Once this hits your
stomach it will bring a calming effect to an upset stomach. If possible,
don't try and stop morning sickness by using over the counter drugs.
Although they may work in the short run, it could be harmful for you and
your baby down the road.
Tip 4:
Keep a few crackers next to your bed or on your desk at work. Crackers do
wonders for settling the stomach and also expand when they hit your
stomach which helps give you a full feeling. Eating crackers and drinking
plenty of water are great ways to combat morning sickness right when it
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