A Guide to Shower Filters For Hard Water

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					A Guide to Shower Filters For Hard Water
You may want shower filters for hard water, but you also want to remove
hazardous chemicals that vaporize during a hot bath. In the enclosed area
of the bathroom, we inhale these chemicals and scientists believe that
increases our risk of cancer.
You also want to remove chlorine, if it's present. Chlorine also
vaporizes and inhalation is irritating to the sinuses, as well as the
entire respiratory system. The chemical vapors are known to trigger
asthma attacks. That's one reason that indoor swimming pools are closed
if chlorine levels climb too high.
The best shower filters for hard water combine ion exchange to balance
mineral content and soften. This step also removes traces of metals like
lead and copper that seep in from the pipes. Metallic traces dull the
hair and exposure to lead is never safe.
Granulated carbon will remove chlorine and some of the other chemicals,
but a process called adsorption is needed to remove as many chemicals as
possible. Specifically, it removes chlorination byproducts. Those are the
ones that cause cancer.
The prices of shower filters for hard water vary greatly. Believe me. You
don't need the most expensive product on the market to get the best
Some people recommend reverse osmosis. That's an expensive and largely
unnecessary step, even for drinking water filtration. It also creates
gallons of wastewater and there are no units specifically designed for
your showerhead. You'd have to get one for the whole house.
Whole house filters are sometimes a good idea, but generally speaking,
your showerheads and your kitchen faucets are most important. There's no
particular reason to filter the waters for the toilet or even the
laundry. You can always add water softeners to the laundry.
Some people recommend a brand called Wellness. There's no real reason to
go to that expense, either. They make some scientific claims that they
can't back up with hard evidence. There biggest claim to fame is that
they are supposedly used in the number one health spa in the world, but I
couldn't verify that, either.
The best shower filters for hard water have been evaluated and rated by
Consumer Reports. The company provides certified product performance data
before you buy. The cost of use is pennies a day and the replacement
filter lasts a full six months.
In case you have a hard time remembering when it's time to change your
filter, the company offers automatic shipment and discounts for signing
up. There are many ways to save money. Buying direct from the factory is
one easy way.
You want a product that is easy to install and unlikely to leak, simply
to avoid frustration. If you're tall, you also want one that does not
reduce the height of the showerhead.
The right shower filters for hard water will protect your health, as well
as prevent that scaly build up on your bathroom fixtures. Just be sure to
shop carefully, so that you don't end up disappointed.
Larry Fletcher is an avid proponent of water purification and a
passionate researcher on its health benefits. To get the facts on how to
choose the best water purification system, visit http://www.pure-and-
safe-water.com now.

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