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					Outsource Your Books Let me Do it

Matt Gardner www. 2218 Brundage Lane. Bakersfield, CA 93304 877-203-0055

What we do for our clients… 1st- We do your Bookkeeping
Bad bookkeeping leads to bad decisions and that leads to poor cash flow. There are NO great companies with bad books. We take this problem away for less than a bookkeeper‟s salary.

98% of bookkeeping is easy, but the bookkeeper rarely tells you when they do not know how to do something. That is why most owners cannot depend on their numbers to manage the business.

If you are doing the work yourself or having your spouse do it, you will save thousands this year. BUT, you will NOT build a great business by working on books instead of working WITH customers. NO great businesses are run by owners that do their own books.

Your job as owner must focus on 2 tasks: 1.Building relationships with customers and staff 2.Improving your deliverable a little bit every day We make sure the decks are clear so you can focus on doing the right things. You will become an effective executive. Jim Collins is one of our heroes in regards to building a great business. We implement his philosophy for you.

What we do for our clients… 2nd - You become paperless
Moving paper can easily double the time and cost of doing any back office task.Today all great businesses are paperless – now yours will be too.

Not being able to find a „page‟ can cost the average small business over $125 in productivity.

We will take you paperless overnight. By this time next week, stacks of documents can be a thing of the past.

The next time you want to see a „page‟ (such as all the electric bills for the Tobacco Road Apartments), you are just 3 clicks and about 1 second from seeing them on your screen.

What we do for our clients… 3rd- Business rules and systems
Without intrusion, we analyze how your business operates and determine the list of 100 events that make things happen in your company.

We‟ll flow chart and standardize the work flow documents first – then with your help, we can build systems for other parts of your business.

In a great company, staff people have a check list of what tasks need to be completed and how you want them done. We will do that for you.

These checklists are all on-line, for “on demand” use. This is the dream system Michael Gerber talked about in his 1987 classic book, “The E Myth”. A MUST READ.

What we need from you…
Help our staff understand your business. Give them a few moments of your undivided attention several times over the next few weeks.

Work with us on a plan to get all source documents quickly and securely – help us get on line access when ever possible.

Rather than bug you by phone, we‟ll post questions and problems for review at your convenience. Please go online when you get an email from our system and answer our questions. This might take 15 minutes total, spread over the week.

When you have questions for us or need our help, go to the Paperless Work Flow system and post your question. We will get back to you ASAP with an answer. We will both work toward keeping phone interruptions to a minimum.

Good bookkeeping is the first step toward figuring out which 20% of your day is worth doing at all. Almost every owner we meet works 10 hours a day, 2 hours making money and 8 hours being busy.

What happens if we do this together…
We will meet weekly or monthly by phone, with each of us viewing your financial statements on our computer screens. You and I will figure out what you do that works and how to focus more resources on the things you do right.

We will become part of your „Master Mind‟ group to provide direction on creating real wealth.

Your business operations will be standardized into flow charts and check lists so you can run faster better and cheaper. The first step to greatness.

You will be paperless, reducing cost and making it possible to hire more home workers or open remote locations without infrastructure or overhead.

Over the next year you will learn how to turn your company into a „great business‟ and enjoy the prosperity that millions of other entrepreneurs do all across the US.

You already own the business that will make you rich.

How can we help you today?
Opening questions allow you to establish two critical pieces of information: 1) Is the client willing to share the problems they are having in business? 2) Does our solution fit the client‟s needs? Below are some conversation starting questions, these are examples and you do not need to use all of them: • What do you sell? • How long have you been in business? • Why did you start this business? • How do you set prices? • What makes you different than your competitors? • Who are your partners?

Important Questions: What kind of problems are you having with bookkeeping now? Problem: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Impact:________________________________________________________________ Feeling: _______________________________________________________________

Problem: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Impact:________________________________________________________________ Feeling: _______________________________________________________________ Problem: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Impact:________________________________________________________________ Feeling: _______________________________________________________________

How can we help you today?
What kind of dangers are you faced with in the next 2 weeks to 2 months?
Problem: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Impact:________________________________________________________________ Feeling:_______________________________________________________________

Problem: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Feeling: _______________________________________________________________

What kind of opportunities do you see that you can‟t get to?
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

What are your strengths? What do you have most fun doing? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

How can we help you today?
The Budget
The budget is the biggest question on most people‟s mind at this point. We can do the least amount possible and keep your price low, or we can provide you with financial advice and business management help, to assist you in building a great business. The number of transactions is one of the smallest indicators of fees. Transactions are easy and cheap. It is the complexity of the transactions, and the number of variances that cause accounting problems.

What range are you hoping to stay in regards to bookkeeping cost for your business? ______________________________________________________________________

Taking on a new client requires some planning and “ramp up” on our part. We are only able to start one new client per week. You had mentioned several problems that you are dealing with right now. When did you hope to get those problems out of your life and why is that time frame important? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

If the client wants to build a great business over the next 3 years, offer to become part of their “Master Mind” group and help them achieve their goals by staying focused on doing the right thing first.

For today: Three answers you need to get started… 1. 2. 3. How do you outsource my bookkeeping? How do you take me paperless? How do you develop ‘Best Practices’ for my company?

Part 1:
The Paperless Work Flow
Bookkeeping as a ‘Great Business’ tool

From 9 to 7 run your business

We then review the data to find what generates your profits and help you focus on creating more cash flow.

Throw source documents on the fax machine or scanner 1 or 2 times a day and hit send.

A retired CPA or Sr. bookkeeper reviews all transactions, daily.

We hand read, name and index every page for your fast retrieval in our Paperless Work Flow system.

College graduate accountants do the basic data entry. They are QuickBooks Certified Pros.

The High Speed business cycle

How we do this… Every small business has about 100 Critical Functions That MUST be done right ALL the time.
We come to your office for a few hours at a time and quietly work in the back ground to isolate and document your critical events. Most of the time, this „knowledge‟ exists in the minds of the owner and the top few employees, but no where else.

How we do this…
Every bookkeeping item on the list of 100 Events is broken down into steps and put in a check list, then flow charted over the next few months, as we figure out how you make money today.

Secret number one to how it works… Nothing happens in business that does not generate a piece of paper in 30 seconds. Our secret management tool is…

“That piece of paper IS the task”

So we capture that page /task and track the work associated with it through the business cycle

How we do this…
We developed and manage a hierarchy of skill. Each person does only the work they are good at and delegate the rest “up” the skill chain.


Senior Bookkeeper

Your bookkeeping goes into the Work Flow

How we do this… Your QuickBooks file and documents are posted to secure servers (20 times more secure than your office) with real time back up, virus and hacking protection.

QuickBooks is hosted at Right Networks in Boston

Paperless Work Flow in Allen Town, PA

All of our team members have 2 or more monitors linked to the respective servers.

How we do this… When a task / page comes to one of our worker’s screens

Three choices on each task 1. Complete the bookkeeping task 2. Ask the client for clarification 3. Delegate the task up the skill chain

How we do this… All tasks and work are tracked in real time across our labor force. You can log on and review 24/7.

How We Do This… The Paperless Work Flow System manages the staff, so we always know who is doing what. We can check quality and productivity at all times. This is an open system, you can see everything we do.

Like an all night diner we NEVER close!

How We do this…
Each client is set up with ‘Best Practices’. These are a series of productivity tools that you may have wanted to implement, but have not found the time.
Not everything is appropriate for you, so we only use those services that make sense in your business.


On Line Banking


On Line Credit Card Downloads

• • •

Electronic emailing of invoices or Paper mailing from Intuit Services or Subscription billing and auto pay


Merchant accounts for Master Card, Visa and AMX linked to your QB


Bill Pay linked to your QB


Payroll reports imported directly into your QB from ADP or Pay-Chex

How We do this… A business with measurement systems in place is a business that can be managed; a business that does not hold you hostage.
We are not just doing bookkeeping, we are helping you run a great business.

Your days of: • over worked • over tired • over stretched • over a barrel Are just plain OVER

Business is going to be FUN and EXCITING, like it was when you started years ago.

Part 2:
The Paperless Work Flow
Getting rid of documents

The High Speed business cycle

Part A: Why we take our customers paperless

Have you ever lost a piece of paper?

Do you have stacks of file cabinets or bankers boxes sucking up expensive floor space?

Do you know that it costs $1.04 to put one sheet of paper into the proper manila folder and file cabinet? (It is expensive and boring work.)

Do you know that if you lose a piece of paper, the cost of lost productivity is $125.00 on average?

How we take you paperless… Getting rid of documents is easy.
When a bill or check comes in, just throw it on the fax machine… Once a day hit send and that’s it. We do the rest.

When it falls out of the fax, just throw it in a banker’s box, in case you ever want to see the original again…. In my own business, I have not had to recover an original document since 1997, when I first went paperless.

How we take you paperless… Thousands of small businesses and individuals send documents 24/7 to our secure servers in Allen Town, PA.

Your pages go into your own private ‘red’ web site. This is your new filing cabinet.

Secret Number Two: We hand read every page for 100% accuracy and name the pages ~ using drop down boxes pulled from your QuickBooks file for spelling accuracy.

Secret Number Two (cont.): We hand read every page for 100% accuracy and name the pages ~ using drop down boxes pulled from your QuickBooks file for spelling accuracy.

Recall any piece of paper in your file cabinet in seconds. Use the Dots' (Document naming technicians) drop down menu to search.

In 3 seconds and 1,000,000 pages later, your pages are on the screen.

Click on any line or thumbnail and you will see your page. No more file cabinets or lost pages. In the right hand column you will find notes and be able to view the steps the bookkeepers took to get your work done.

Part 3:
The Paperless Work Flow
Building a ‘How We Do It Here’ Library
There is NO profit if you are in chaos.

The High Speed business cycle

This is the 7th time I’ve explained this in the last 2 years

If you have ever explained yourself for the 7th time – you know why you need a library of, “How I want it done” video, audio and PDF files that pop up on demand at the exact moment your team needs an answer.

We write the documentation as we go through the set up process of getting your books up and running. Once we have an operations manual in place, you can start work on improving your business processes.

Many of the business processes we record will have video clips attached, explaining how to do the task the right way, every time.

You are now running like a franchise; the business model that has the highest rate of success.

How we do this…
Every bookkeeping item on the list of 100 Events is broken down into steps and put in a check list, then flow charted over the next few months, as we figure out how you make money today. We figure out exactly what’s important in your business

Create check list to manage the task

Flow chart the process to look for ways we can improve

Now you are running your business like a franchise.

Why we do this… To build a great business – you need an operations manual on how you want things done. Once you have the rules in writing, the process can be improved.

This is just like the classic book, “The E Myth”, by Michael Gerber.
*Read this book ASAP if you have not already done so.

How to get Best Practices in your Business…

When a transaction comes in for the first time, our senior staff accountant does the work - the right way.

But before they start, they turn on the screen recorder and microphone , in order to create a movie of how the ‘boss’ wants it done.

When the audio or video file is saved, the system reads the critical data fields such as who is this from, what is it, etc.…

Once saved and named, a green TV appears on the page, letting us know we just created a “WINK”, our personal name for help files.

Two months from now, when a page comes in and the DOT names that page with the same selections as our earlier example, such as Vendor Home Depot and Credit Memo, the green TV pops up as if to say, “Hey, we’ve done this before; click here and see how.”

Best of all, when staff members leave, everything they know has been captured. This will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in training costs in the future.

3 Objectives Accomplished
You have:  Outsourced your bookkeeping  Taken your business paperless  Built your systems and processes into an on-line library available at the exact moment a job comes up - automatically

What happens if we do this together, using

the Paperless Work Flow?

The High Speed business cycle

What we need from you…
Outsourcing is a joint venture. You are buying an outcome from us, not a procedure. We know how to run a business and will bring you „best practices‟.

However, don‟t just dump boxes of paper on us and run, or we can‟t help you. Just give us an hour or two from time to time over the first few months so we can observe how you run your business now.

Over the next year you will end up with a complete operations manual like those used by franchise companies. This allows you to grow larger or work less, we‟ll leave that choice up to you.

Getting source documents to us is critical. We ask that you work with us to get pages into the Paperless Work Flow within minutes of the document hitting your office.

Please make sure you log onto your on line banking one to three times a week. It will only take you about 5 minutes. For security reasons, you are the only one who can distribute money and download transactions, so we need your help to make this happen. And remember…If something does not look right, let us know. Use your Paperless Work Flow to link questions right to the piece of paper that triggered you to ask the question.

What we need from you…
Outsourcing is a joint venture, sometimes we need your help and will post „clarification needed‟ pages back to you. Generally this happens when we can‟t figure out what you want done.

Anyone in our bottom up skill chain can send a source document / task back to the client. But, they do it online and NOT by calling you on the phone and disrupting your work day.

You receive an email warning you that we have a question and to please (at your convenience) log on and provide the information needed.

Simply click on the link inside the email and the hyperlink will take you directly to the questions.

The problem page pops up and if you take a few seconds, you can easily tell us what to do with a questionable transaction. No more phone tag, interruptions or delays around bookkeeping. We are both on line all the time. Here is the best part. Every time we solve a problem the solution is recorded. The next time this problem pops up – the answer comes up with it, in the form of a video training segment. We get better and better at helping you build a great business.

How to ask us for help at 2 AM
When you have a question for us… Don‟t call – that wastes too much time. Simply log onto your „RED‟ page.

Click on the task button and a „task‟ dialog box opens – where you can tell us exactly what you need, or what questions you have for staff.

Just take a minute to tell us what you require, then click Save and Close. The task goes into our bottom up delegation system and you will hear back from us shortly.

This also allows the owner to track how responsive our staff is to your needs. That alone improves the customer service you receive.

Don‟t forget all the video clips at the bottom of the „RED‟ page to help you use the Paperless Work Flow system. We train our clients the same way you will train your staff!

What will happen if we do this together? 5 Minute Books – a daily 5 minute exercise
We become part of your Master Mind group and work with you over the next three years to help you “Build a Great Business”. You will hear from us every week or two as we stand in the back ground and watch how you are doing at staying focused on the 20% of your business that drives 80% of your net profits.

We will ask you to spend 5 minutes reviewing 5 KPI (key performance indicators) every day at 5PM. We call this exercise 5 Minute Books.

It‟s just like watching your kids play soccer. If the score board gets turned on – everyone starts playing twice as hard without a word from anybody. The same motivator works for you.

In 5 minutes you can: Tell if you made money yesterday Tell what your sales are, & where they came from Tell who still owes you money Tell if your costs are too high Tell how much cash you have on hand…

What will happen if we do this together?

Within a few months of using this daily 5 minute exercise – you will learn more about how your business runs and makes money, than you could ever imagine. Best of all, it will be clear to see exactly what is making you a good net profit and what is a complete waste of time. In other words, the 80/20 principle in real life.

Every week or two, we will talk on the phone to review your 5 Minute Book reports. We will both be looking at the same details on the screen and can drill down to any source document together in the Paperless Work Flow system.

From the outside we can see things you don‟t notice. This „see the forest through the trees‟ view will have a big impact on your ability to focus on what‟s working.

Over the course of the year, we will build out more check lists and systems each month to run your back office more effectively. You can start running like a franchise, the most efficient business model available today.

This will stop the chaos and friction in your business cycle. You will work fewer hours for more profit.

Our team becomes part of your team as we help you build a great business. We WANT you to get rich… We WANT you to have fun…

Over the next three years you will have these answers…
How much money am I really making? 2. What do we sell and why? 3. Why do customers buy from us, not competitors? 4. What do I do best and makes me the most money? 5. What do we specifically want to get done this year? 6. What are the 100 most important tasks here? 7. How do each of those 100 tasks get done? 8. What do we expect from each team member? 9. Who is our ideal customer? How do we find more? 10. What are the 5 (KPI) numbers we track daily? 11. What are the milestones that denote achievement? 12. How do we get OUT of this business? 13. How much liquid wealth will I have created? 14. What do I want when I leave this business?

How to get us on your Master Mind Team using the Paperless Work Flow system
Calculating the monthly investment to hire our team for your ‘Great Business’

Paperless Work Flow $ _____________ ASP (hosting service) $ _____________ Fax & Voice Mail $ _____________ Transactions & Data entry $ _____________ Clarification of bad transactions $ _____________ Customer support request on technology $ _____________ Extra events you ask us to do $ _____________ Fixing client mistakes $ _____________ CPA request for tax & financials $ _____________ Technology royalty to PWF $ _____________ Advisory meetings / 5 Minute Books $ _____________ Creating work flow and check lists $ _____________ CFO analysis of balance sheet, P&L $ _____________ Total: $ _____________

One time costs Back work at $25 to $85 per hour QuickBooks Software Best Practices set up online banking Best Practices set up view only banking Best Practices train staff on PWF Best Practices set up banking

$ _____________ $ _____________ $ _____________ $ _____________ $ _____________ $ _____________

Other Total:

$ _____________ $ _____________

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