Niche Affiliate Marketing on the Web

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					Niche Affiliate Marketing on the Web
How to use free tools to start your niche affiliate marketing campaign:
Before the internet, it would have been hard to write this article, as
conventional affiliate marketing methods have slow lead times and it was
more difficult to find targeted customers.
Today, it's easier than ever to pinpoint exactly what people are
searching for on the internet, and we're going to base our entire
marketing strategy on figuring that out first.
Wordtracker- This is a free tool used to find how many people search for
certain terms each day. (Yahoo used to have a similar niche marketing
tool, but I believe the tool is no longer free to use and was often a
pain to use).
Using this tool, build a list of 5-10 words to begin with that we will
write our articles around. The good thing about niche affiliate marketing
is that we're looking for very specific keywords.
Example: Pretend we are selling a book about starting a dog walking
business, and want to build a list of keywords to write articles about
how great a business it really is.
1. Go to word tracker
2. Type in dog walking business:
a. "How to start a dog walking business" came up with 40 searches per
b. "Dog walking business" was close with thirty.
c. In niche marketing, we are trying to target customers while keeping
away from too much competition.
d. We will write one article about the business using each of the two
search terms above. Include each in the article title and header tag, and
a couple of times throughout the article. This will help Google find the
article and get you more free traffic.
e. Using the next few, "starting a dog walking business" for example,
write more articles, posting each to your blog and to article sites like
Ezinearticles. (Search around for more).
3. If you write enough articles using this blueprint, you should start to
see some traffic in the next few weeks.
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