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What is AIESEC

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It began in 1948…
Europe was lying in a state of ruin…
An entire generation of leaders dead
     A general feeling of
       anger and hate
among the countries involved ...
Out of the devastation, a small group of
 university students had an urge to
 make change and prevent future wars.
They recognized that people from different
 nations needed to meet each other

…to build relationships and work together.
And they hoped that if a lot of people
 had this opportunity, it could build a
 more secure and peaceful world.
  “And so the general idea prevailing was
  that peace was the most essential thing in
  life and that therefore we should enhance
          peace through international

~ Jean Choplin
One of the founding members of AIESEC
They met in Stockholm in 1948 and began
 to make their solution a reality
They began exchanging people on
 international traineeships just after WW II,
 even between France and Germany
And they created what would one day be the
 largest student based organization on the
  Since 1948, over a million
     individuals (who call
themselves AIESECers) have
  joined in pursuit of a new
     dream for our planet.
Our Mission:
               Our mission
By developing individuals, we contribute to
 the development of our communities with
 an overriding commitment to international
      understanding and cooperation.
WW II is over, but what are some of the
 issues facing our world today?
Is global exchange still relevant?
War is still rampant worldwide
Will Peace be an option?
Will the digital divide further isolate those
 with little access to resources?
U.N. reports setback in global war against
Not everyone can wake up knowing there
 will be food today…
Hundreds of thousands of children under 18
 years of age, some no more than 7, are
 being used as soldiers
Over 250 MILLION children are being used
 as laborers
Natural disasters devastate communities too
 poor to protect themselves…
U.N. reports no end in sight for AIDS
Racism is NOT a thing of the past
Population of earth in 1997:
         5.7 billion

Population of earth in 2025:
          8 billion

Population of earth in 2100:
         12.5 billion
Will there always be borders?
Will the market and the PEOPLE recover
 from corporate corruption?
                       parts effects of
Will we realize the far reaching
our actions?
Will the conflict between Israel
and Palestine leave THOUSANDS
more dead?
Terrorism remains a constant threat
Can the media be trusted?
What are
“The international platform for young
people to discover and develop their
“There was a change in my sense of duty
  from personal to global. There was a
  change in my sense of home from local to

~Kirk Watson (USA)
After joining AIESEC USA and AIESEC in China
“ I came home nine months after with a heavy
bag full of new experiences, new friends and a
different look upon my life…I have learned that
you should never judge something or someone
you don’t know and that all people are the

~ Lene Styner (Denmark)
After traineeship in USA

AIESEC exchanges more than 5000 people
  each year through our international
  traineeship exchange program.

AIESEC also has exchange programs aimed
  at addressing specific issues
Building US-Arab
Cooperation through
Internship Exchange
                       Participating Countries:
                            United States
                      The United Arab Emirates
“As a participant in the AIESEC Salaam Program, I teach
 English to local Tunisian students… (my students) have
 heard of the fear and anger towards Arabs and Muslims
 as a result of the events of September 11th, and they are
 eager to challenge the stereotypes. They want to tell me
 about themselves and their culture…and to discover how
 I differ from the often negative stereotypes they have
 heard of Americans. This is the power of the Salaam
 Project: in a time such as this, it allows for an
 educational, personal, and peaceful exchange between
 peoples of the U.S. and the Muslim world.”

~ Andrea Lo (USA)
  after traineeship with AMIDEAST in Tunisia.
AIESEC has a global network, (a global
  FAMILY  ) that boasts over 1 million
  members, exchange participants, and
“…from space you cannot see any borders ...
     The spectacle is unimaginable ...

You see the beauty and unity of our planet.”

                           - Neil Armstrong

…there are no borders
               Facts about you…

Having attended university, you are in the most
 privileged 1% of the world`s population
You can acquire international opportunities;
  something many people never will
You might choose the path of responsibility and
  leadership in your countries; something very few
  people do
              Right now…

You have the opportunity to foster cultural
 understanding and cooperation

           We create our reality!
“If I myself do not go,
 who will go for me?

If I go only for myself,
       who am I?

     If not now,
               When? ”

           - Talmudic proverb

Hope for a more secure and peaceful world.
Welcome To AIESEC

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