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									Internet Affiliate Marketing - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - Part 1
Of 3
Thinking about trying to start an internet affiliate marketing business?
Or maybe you've already been working on it for a while. If you haven't
already had this experience, you will probably very soon start to see
that that affiliate marketing has at least three sides to it - I call
them the good, the bad, and the ugly. This article focuses on Part 1: The
Good News About Affiliate Marketing.
My goal in writing these articles to is to try to help other people who
are interested in affiliate marketing avoid some of the costly mistakes I
have made along the way to figuring it all out.
Let's start with "The Good." And, for sure, there is plenty of "good" in
the field of affiliate marketing.
For me, as a disabled teacher, the good started with being able to work
from home, with my own computer, and start earning real money without
spending months or years learning an entire new profession. In fact, that
last phrase ("an entire new profession") is a very important one here.
Although affiliate marketing was, in fact, a completely new area to me,
it did not feel like I was starting completely over, with countless
classes and final exams between me and ever being ready to get started
earning money again. That was crucially important to me, because I just
didn't have the luxury of being able to invest a lot of time and money
before I started seeing money coming in.
Another "good" about affiliate marketing is that I was able to "learn and
earn" all at the same time. Sure, my first efforts didn't earn as much
money as I am earning now, but I was very quickly seeing some commission
checks coming in. That was really important to me for two reasons -
first, I needed the money, and second, those first checks gave me
encouragement and motivation to keep going when I got frustrated (yeah,
that happened too - see Part 2).
Still another "good" about affiliate marketing is that it isn't an "all
or none" kind of business opportunity. You can do it at a level that
meets your own needs and goals. If you just want to earn to some extra
money, you can scale your work to product the income you have in mind. On
the other hand, if you want to completely replace your existing income
(or multiply it), you can do that, too. You will just need to plan your
marketing efforts to produce that larger income.
For me (and many others), the greatest "good" about affiliate marketing
is that, once you get your business going, it really can continue to
operate on "auto-pilot," producing income for you even when you are not
actively working on maintaining and growing your business income.
Finally, the "good" that you most need as you start your affiliate
marketing business is a good, complete, straight-forward, easy-to-follow
guide to getting your affiliate marketing business launched. Click here
to learn more about the book I wrote to summarize everything I learned
while starting my affiliate marketing business.
CindyAnn Williams is a self-taught, successful internet affiliate
marketer who began her internet business with absolutely no knowledge of
affiliate marketing. She has built her business by trial and error,
always trying again after every dead end, and learning from every
mistake. CindyAnn's goal is to share what she has learned to help other
people who want to become successful affiliate marketers avoid the many
mistakes she made along the bumpy and often detour-filled road to
affiliate marketing success.

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