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									Rikvin, an unequalled business registration firm in Singapore has unveiled
proprietary new ways to avoid rejection of Singapore Employment Pass Application.
First, Rikvin assures complete awareness of applicants regarding the needed
documents, procedures, fees, and rules and regulations to follow. Next, Rikvin stated
that they will take all measures to address all issues and concerns which will hasten
the approval of Employment Pass.

Employment Pass are given to qualified foreign entrepreneurs, professionals,
managing directors and shareholders of Singapore companies who wish to relocate
to Singapore to manage and oversee their company operations. The application is
normally processed in the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) after the incorporation of a
Singapore company. Employment Pass validity is between 1 to 2 years and is
renewable as long as the pass holder remains employed in a Singapore company.

"The approval of work visas in Singapore, specifically Employment Pass lies in the
hands of the applicant and of the quality assistance given by a professional firm like
Rikvin. There should be transparency and cooperation between the applicant and
the professional firm who will facilitate the application so that there would be bigger
chances of getting approved," Rikvin said.

But even more significantly, Rikvin presented and briefly described the Employment
Pass eligibility requirements which will serve as an initial basis for their approval
chances assessment. Remember that to be considered for an Employment Pass, a
fixed salary of at least S$2,500 is required and should possess one or more of the
following criteria:

▪ Generally, a recognized Diploma/Degree qualification from a reputable university
      is expected.
▪ Professional qualifications
▪ Specialist skills
▪ Work related experience

Moreover, Rikvin listed other factors which are also vital in the application. The
following should also be considered and assessed: salary of applicant, age of
applicant, roles and responsibility, repute of the company, company paid up capital
and applicant current citizenship.

In cases where Singapore Employmet Pass Application is denied, Rikvin will
proceed by having a thorough investigation as to why your application has been
rejected. Based on the reasons provided by MOM, Rikvin will submit an appeal that
will address the issues outlined by MOM and also include additional documents per
their request, if any. MOM will take a minimum of three weeks or more to review your

More Information:

Rikvin is an ACRA registered service bureau. We provide a complete corporate
solution under one roof for Singapore company registration of private limited
companies, formation of offshore companies with opening of corporate accounts,
business registration including accounting, tax, immigration related to work passes
visa and compliance services in Singapore.

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