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									Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs
Affiliate marketing is one of the best online marketing programs ever
made available to internet entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketing is a win-
win situation where the manufacturer will be able to receive as many
website visitors because there are many affiliates that will lead
customers to his website. On the other hand, the affiliate is going to
receive handsome commission by leading customers to the manufacturers
website. Thus, it is important to understand affiliate marketing in order
to take advantage of Affiliate Marketing program.
What are the types of affiliate marketing programs?
-Pay Per Click
-Pay Per Lead
-Pay Per Sale
What is pay per click?
Pay per click is an affiliate marketing program where the manufacturer of
a product will post a banner on the affiliate website. Once an internet
browser clicks on the banner advertisement, the affiliate is going to
earn a certain percentage commission. Usually, the commission is quite
small because not all the internet browsers will buy the product being
What is pay per lead?
Pay per lead is more like pay per click. The difference is that you are
able to send a lead or an internet browser who will not only click on the
link but also navigate within the manufacturers website. This means that
the customer is interests or is a potential customer; he may take
advantage of freebies that may help him understand the product more. He
is a potential customer and thus a good lead. By ensuring that the
visitor is a good lead, the affiliate will receive a certain commission.
What is pay per sale?
While the affiliate is not going to receive any commission until the
customer purchases the product being advertised, it is still worthy to
enter this type of affiliate marketing program. This is because under the
pay per sale scheme, the affiliate has the potential of earning between
20-70% of the total purchase price. It is always better to enter
affiliate programs under the pay per sale commission scheme because every
sale will earn you good.
It is therefore necessary that you ensure that the internet browsers that
you will send to the manufacturers website are targeted. Thus, you will
need to do more than just post banner advertisements. It will be better
if you can induce sales by giving the potential customer tidbits of
information that will tell him that the product is the right product for
You may also create articles that will excite the customer and giving
them the benefits they can get from the product.
There are other affiliate marketing schemes, it is necessary that you get
all the information of the affiliate marketing program you are joining.
Never join a program that you do not understand fully.
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