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									Affiliates, MOST Important Strategy of Affiliate Marketing
Every webmasters is an affiliate at some point of time in their online
business ventures. Most people will be attracted towards affiliate
marketing because of -
* Easy earnings
* No product creation
* No customer support
* No product maintenance
* No investment
The above are only few to say ...
After joining an affiliate program, what are you doing to promote it?
PPC, Seach engines, forum promotion, article marketing?
Yet you forgot most important strategy : Opt-in marketing.
Affiliates don't know that opt-in marketing is one of the best ways to
promote the affiliate product. It is biased that only product owners do
email marketing.
Why an affiliate should do email marketing?
No matter the product is your own or you are an affiliate, you need to
get your visitors email addresses for follow up ... Once you get them,
you can send the free reports or free ebooks to promote your affiliate
Simple steps to do this:
1. Create a web site for your affiliate product.
2. Write a free report that focused on your affiliate product.
3. Set up a follow up autoresponder.
4. Keep the subscription form on your site.
5. Offer free report.
6. Get your visitors emails.
7. Most Important: Follow up them next 4 weeks with an extra article
or a free report to encourage them to buy the affiliate product.
How to improve your affiliate product conversions?
* Carefully following up your subscriber.
* Offer bonus.
* Joint venture with the merchant of the product and offer discount to
your subscribers.
* Provide a free report with branding option to your subscribers. They
brand it with their web site and name and start giving it away to their
web site visitors.
So whatever means, all affiliates should do email marketing to promote
their affiliate products.
Radhika Venkata
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