Affiliate Marketing Revolution

					Affiliate Marketing Revolution
The success of many people on the Internet today is due to their efforts
in promoting other people's products. What does this mean? Well it's
simply becoming an agent for various products that are available on the
Internet where the owner of the item is prepared to sell it via an agent
or for the purpose of this writing an "affiliate". The owner sets up an
affiliate program whereby he (or she, for the sake of good order!) gives
you; upon application, a unique code so that the sales you generate
through the work you put in, is credited directly to you.
One of the hard parts of becoming an affiliate marketer (agent) is
choosing the items for sale. That is a lesson in itself and is not
something that you learn overnight. The answer to this will become
clearer later or rather the path to the answer will. If you search the
internet for products, you can find virtually anything to sell, from
health foods (top market) to weird and wonderful keepsakes. You are able
to find better ways of doing things, such as golfing tips, on how to
improve your swing to always get an under par score on each hole to,
basic scuba diving techniques. In other words, the world is your oyster,
with a loosely based pun on scuba diving for you! The opportunities for
finding that little pot of gold you are searching for is immense. The
secret is to find those that have good sales potential and preferably
something that you are actually interested in, as it is easier to write
or brief sales copy if you know something about it.
The exciting part about the range of products is that they can be a
physical item, like a holiday, or book and they can also be "virtual"
items like and eBook, that can be delivered instantly to the buyer who
can satisfy their want immediately they download the item. Now that is
exciting! Another benefit of this whole affiliate marketing revolution is
simply that there is no outlay on your part for any stock! The owner
holds even the physical items. How good is that? Moreover, just to tickle
your taste buds a little more, they handle all the distribution as well!
So what on earth do you have to do?
Where can I find products?
The answer to the question is to find the products that give you a good
return on your investment in time. This is not difficult there are many
companies who offer the likes of you and me, every opportunity to sell
their products. In many cases, they even provide you with a web sales
page that you direct your potential customers to, and once they buy the
company send you the money! So good so far!
I'll suggest three companies that you could start out with and they are
Amazon, Clickbank and commission Junction. You almost certainly are aware
of Amazon, which is a brilliant organization that sells anything from
books, through, CDs and DVDs to hard goods. Their service in my opinion
is second to none and they are guaranteed to pay you. Clickbank
specialises in digital products in every niche you can imagine from
dieting to making your car run on water! Again, they pay out every two
weeks (for a qualifying amount) and are reliable. Commission Junction is
a seller of physical goods from Holidays to cars and again is
Hands Off.... sounds good! How Do I Start?
Right, well you need some help to find your way through all the different
methods of succeeding in the affiliate marketing revolution. Not all of
them work or if they do, they are incomprehensible to someone starting
out. I have spent many hours and sums of money, trying to find a way that
I can understand and equally as important be able to follow easily. The
thing is you are so bogged down in information that you just don't know
where and even when to start. It is very depressing and a major reason
why people fail online. Don't let that happen to you, it isn't necessary;
there are ways of finding your way through the maze with a mentor!
Probably the best way to learn is to follow the same path as a successful
affiliate marketer. Seems obvious but so many of us (me included!) try to
make our own way and fail miserably. Very few people of the so-called
"Gurus" of the internet give you all the information you need in an
easily digestible format. Membership sites seem to me to hold the key
whereby you get chunks of information that are easily absorbed. Compared
with the latest "I earned a million dollars last night and here's how you
can too" hyped up rubbish. Why? Because they may well have achieved that
but they didn't do it on day one! They would have taken months and more
likely years to get to that stage. The package they are selling will only
have part of the equation necessary to succeed. The exciting thing though
is that it is actually possible if you are prepared to follow a well-
trodden path and put in the groundwork over a period.
The only downside to membership sites is the repeated monthly cost that
will mount up over time. So if I could find a resource that was a very
reasonable one off cost with all updates included, would that help you?
If that same site included teaching videos that clearly explain what you
have to do would that help you?, Once more if that same site taught you,
the skills of building for life an internet affiliate marketing business,
would that help you?
You bet it would, so to learn the skills for a lifetime of success in the
affiliate marketing revolution, you can put your first foot forward now
and review Profit Lance for all it's worth! The price will AMAZE you! It
represents fantastic value for money.
Robert Harris