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					                                                  Our school

                                          Date: 15th October 2010
                                  New Cross St, West Bowling, Bradford, BD5 8BT.
                                                 01274 770270

 FAMILY LEARNING                           School will re-open on Monday 1st              DROPPING CHILDREN OFF
 EVENTS NEXT WEEK                          November. It is vital that all children
                                           return to school on this day so they do    We have had some concerns recently
Mon 18th Oct— ‘Have fun with Maths’        not miss out on any learning.              regarding young children being
at US site                                                                            dropped off at the Usher Street site at
Tues 19th Oct—’Have fun with Maths’                   FUND RAISING                    the beginning of school.
at NCS site
Wed 20th Oct— Emergency first aid          Next Friday 22nd October is a              I know the majority of parents bring
training at US site                        fundraising day for school fund and        their children round to the playground.
Thurs 21st Oct—Pumpkin lanterns and        the Pakistan Flood appeal. This will be    However there are a few parents who
pumpkin soup at NCS site
                                           a non uniform day and we will be ask-      are dropping young children off on the
Fri 22nd Oct—Pakistan flood fundraiser
at NCS site                                ing for a donation of 50p.                 road. I know some of our children are
‘Sew and Save’ at NCS site                                                            mature and responsible, though with
Sat 23rd Oct—Computer games work-          In the afternoon we will be holding a      Wakefield Road being such a busy ar-
shop                                       fair with stalls selling cakes, sweets,    ea of Bradford I feel it would be safer
                                           kids activities, mendhi and lots more.     if all children are brought round to the
                                           We would love to see you at the event      playground in the morning. The road
     YEAR 5 VICTORIAN TRIP                 between 2.00-4.00pm at the New             can be quite dangerous and we only
                                           Cross Street site. Table tops are also     want a safe environment for our
 As part of their ‘life in Victorian       on sale to parents and carers wishing      pupils. Thank you.
 times’ topic, our Year 5 children         to sell products, food or services.
 have been visiting Bradford               Please contact Donna Harper for more       SECOND-HAND UNDERWEAR FOR
 Industrial Museum and taking part         details.                                            NURSERY
 in a Victorian class experience. They
 looked at Victorian toys and were                                                    There are times in Nursery when
 shown what life would have been            COMPUTER GAMES WORKSHOP                   children have accidents and we often
 like if they had gone to school in the                                               find that we have nothing for them to
 Victorian times. Two of the Year 5        On Saturday 23rd October we will           change into. If you have any washed
 classes visited the museum                be opening the school hall to all you      and suitable underwear, shorts, vests
 today while the other Year 5 class        computer games enthusiasts! If you         etc… that your children have grown
 will take their trip next week.           love playing your Playstation, spend all   out of and you would be willing to
                                           your time on a DS or like to play          donate please could you bring them to
 The children who went today had a         games on the computer then this            Nursery for our children.
 wonderful time and really enjoyed         workshop is for you! Donna Harper
 the experience. However they said         and some real life games designers         Your donations would be greatly
 they much preferred being at Bowl-        will be telling you all about what goes    appreciated.
 ing Park than in a Victorian school!      into making the games that we play so
                                           often.                                                 ATTENDANCE
                                           We all know that to get a job when we      Firstly, an apology for printing the
 A huge thank you to all the parents       get older we need to ‘go the extra         wrong attendance figures last week!
 and carers who attended the GEM           mile’ in order to better our futures.      The newsletter should have showed
 coffee mornings this week. We had         This session is a great opportunity to     that 10 classes achieved over 95%.
 record numbers of parents and             show you how to become a games             Last week’s attendance is even better;
 carers attend the sessions with           designer and how you can push              17 classes achieved over 95%. NPM-
 nearly 100 people across the 2            yourself at school to get into the         US and 6CP achieved 100% last week,
 sites. I hope you enjoyed finding         games industry.                            wow! Congratulations to all.
 out more about how we are ‘Going
 the Extra Mile...Making the Extra         Parents, families and children are         Have a lovely weekend,
 Difference’.                              welcome at the session which runs
                                           from 10.00-12.00 at the New                Stuart Herrington,
       HALF TERM HOLIDAYS                  Cross Street site.
 Next Friday, 22nd October is the
 last school day of this half term.
 After that we are closed for the
 holiday for 1 week.

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