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					Your Basement Bar Idea
Designing a basement bar idea is one of the most desirable things you, as
a house owner, can do for your den. Especially when you got lots of
friends who like to party on weekends, you can have your basement as an
alternative venue. Even for just the simple joy of hanging out, the
basement is a perfect spot.
What makes a basement more enjoyable to hangout with is when you know
people like it too. Having an idea and turning it into a reality is one
thing that gives you that sense of fulfillment. The conversation doesn't
seem to end. Here are some things you need to set it up.
1. Sink. Install your sink in a corner near your plumbing system. This is
will make it easier to install. Since all ends of the plumbing system in
your house leads to the basement, might as well set up your mini bar
there. Your wet bar is where you wash stuff or drain all excessive spills
into the sink.
2. Liquor shelves. Having a liquor shelf in your basement bar is
essential since you'll be serving drinks in the room. Place your liquor
shelf in an area where the temperature is consistent. This will help as
most of the wine and other liquor types are temperature regulated. A
basement bar idea can never be complete without this.
3. Keg, cooler, and a refrigerator. Consider installing a beer keg shelf
under your bar if you're thinking about serving beer. It's safe and it's
easy to manage. Some bar units have a built-in keg cabinet. An
alternative to the beer keg is a cooler to put your beer bottles in.
However, coolers can also be messy after the party. If you don't like
coolers or keg, put a mini ref in your basement bar. But these are also
must haves for a basement bar.
4. The bar. Obviously, a basement bar can't be without the bar! You have
a choice of building your own. Some carpentry skills and a little time in
your weekend schedule is what you basically need. This is most practical
when your budget is tight. However, if cash is not a concern, buy one.
There are a lot of different types of bars that suits your basement bar
idea to choose from.
5. A bartender. Add an experienced bartender to your basement bar.
However, this can add to your overhead cost. If you have a friend who
knows how to mix concoctions, send him in. But if you don't, the next
best option is to study this art of mixing drinks. The fun part is when
the party begins. Having this is your plan completes your basement bar
Some basement bars can be quite a well-designed that they don't even look
like basement at all. The designs are so good you might think it's a bar
in a hotel restaurant. The point is that all you need is a good and clear
vision of how your bar should look like. Your basement bar idea is your
key to make it happen. When it's done you'll be the envy of your friends
and neighborhood.
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remodeling ideas from the best sources on the web.

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