Remodeling a Bathroom

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					Remodeling a Bathroom
When remodeling a bathroom, it is important to first start out with how
you want your bathroom to look. Ask yourself some questions before you
What are your favorite colors?
Would you want to use wallpaper or, would you rather paint?
Which fixtures do you like?
Is your bathroom small or large?
Your answers will give you an idea of which direction you can take your
project. Here are some helpful tips you can use;
1. If you want the bathroom to appear bigger, avoid the darker colored,
heavier fixtures. This will make the bathroom seem small
2. Go for lighter looking pieces.
3. Wallpaper and soft neutral colors will give a feeling of openness. But
remember, wallpaper can go up nice but come down bad. So make sure you
really want wallpaper before you hang it.
4. Wood works and paintings hung on the wall will give an illusion of
5. Place two mirrors opposite of each other. This will create the
illusion of space also.
6. If you are not going to use the bathtub, install a glass cased shower.
This will give you more space for stand alone cabinets.
7. If you have a window in your bathroom, use mini-blinds. This will
allow more light in. Or, use lighter curtains. Dark blinds and curtains
will make the bathroom seem smaller.
8. If you want the bathroom to seem smaller, just do the opposite.
Another idea is to select a theme. Surf the net or browse magazines for
ideas. I personally decorated my downstairs bathroom in a beach scene. I
painted the walls with a patterned roller in two colors of blue (dark and
light). I put a fish border at the top of the walls all the way around. I
then hung pictures of myself swimming with dolphins in Mexico and
installed a pebble tile floor. Added a palm tree, some shells and I have
myself a "fish" room. I love it.
There are all kinds of things you can do to remodel a bathroom. So, get
online, look through a few magazines and get that bathroom you have
always wanted.
If you need tile or flooring to help with your projects there are some
great websites out there. One of them is mine. Great selection of tile
and flooring.
Laura Brzostowski