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									Designer lighting on a rise

What was once just an essential element in our lives has taken a completely new dimension
in today’s life. It can be safe to say that lighting has its separate industry with loads of
company’s competing with each other and striving hard to come out with better quality
and innovative products.Designer Lighting and its demand has increased in leaps and
bounds. Many families opt for this kind purely to enhance the overall look of their house
even more.

It is quite appalling how lighting can create wonders to even a small confined room.
Specially designed lights are no exception. In fact they do more justice to your house
primarily because of the thought and effort gone behind it.

The main purpose of this kind of lighting is showcasing. Its primary purpose is not the
amount of light but the look and the overall effect it portrays. It is for ornamental
purposes. The architecture normally designs these lights. A lot of thought is put into these

They are normally designed keeping in mind the overall look and theme of the house.
While furnishing the house, lights are kept at the forefront.

Designer lights are normally even more highlighted in modern homes with a big budget
where it is affordable to spend a little more on lights. Many big lighting brands have
developed and boomed because of their knack in delivering creative, innovative and fresh
ideas for designing purposes.

Lighting can be designed in many ways. The shape of the glass can be of many forms. It
could be transparent, coloured, translucent, grained or even obscure.

A lot of arrays of experiments can be done with glass itself. Architecture takes this to his
advantage and exploits it completely. H e tries to experiment a lot with the lights too. The
fluorescent bulbs, neon lights, tungsten bulbs and many more in the market are tested.
There is a lot of scope for trial in designer lighting.

Quality is however of utmost importance to the brand or the designer. It is kept in mind
that the quality is not compromised. The worth of the product remains intact. The brand
image and the overall value is the need of the hour in the eyes of the designer as well as the

The target consumer is always kept in the mind. Products are manufactures with the
viewpoint of the buyer. The satisfaction of the consumer and the loyalty of the brand is
what the designer wants to achieve.

Kichler Lighting is a very upcoming phenomenon. It has extreme scope of expansion in
these modern times. With the amount of companies investing in this type of business and
competing intensely has increased a lot. This should not be taken lightly and the era of
basic lights has come to an end. Every household owner wants to add a personal touch to
his home and wants to make it very theme oriented and special which makes it more

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