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Mosaic Patio Furniture - An Attractive Option


									Mosaic Patio Furniture - An Attractive Option
You've decided it's time to buy patio furniture. You're not the sort to
go rushing to the nearest store, slap your credit card on the counter ask
for whatever durable, sturdy outdoor furniture happens to be available a
the moment. No, you're the sort of person who has a distinct sense of
style. In the ages-old dialectic between form and function, you think
form should lead.
What is a Mosaic? Furthermore, you have visual flair. You may not know
exactly what you want yet, but you'll most likely know it when you see
it. Take a look at mosaic patio furniture. Mosaic is the art of creating
images with little bits of stone, glass, pottery or other colorful
material. Little tiles, called tesserae (or tessellae if they're smaller)
are used to create a pattern or picture-that's a mosaic.
It can sometimes be raised to the level of fine art, but in the case of
outdoor tables, decorative art in the service of furniture design will do
just fine. Mosaic patio furniture may be the way to go for you.
Mosaic Patio Furniture There are a lot of different ways to construct
mosaic patio furniture. Some are made of wood, ranging from a cheap,
short-lived southern pine patio set to exotic, durable teak and mahogany.
Other patio sets are made of metal, with wrought iron and cast aluminum
generally being the materials of choice among the aesthetically pleasing
Commercially available mosaic patio furniture is usually constructed from
wrought iron or cast aluminum. Wrought iron and cast aluminum can look
very similar and either can look great as mosaic patio furniture, but
bear in mind one thing. Mosaic patio furniture is not as weather
resistant as the same patio set without the mosaic would be.
Different materials respond to temperature differently, expanding or
contracting at different rates. With three different materials - the
glass, stone or pottery of the tesserae or tessellae, the grout that
holds the tesserae or tessellae together, and the material the outdoor
tables themselves are made from all expand and contract at different
rates. This can cause breakage, so bear in mind that when you choose
mosaic patio furniture, you're making a commitment to put it away during
inclement weather.
Mosaic Patio Furniture Construction Tabletops for outdoor tables can be
made of different materials and aren't necessarily made of only wrought
iron. Stone tabletops, such as marble or slate, can make for a strikingly
beautiful combination with the mosaic and wrought iron.
The mosaic is assembled by setting the tesserae into the grout. Often,
this is done by hand rather than by machine. Once the mosaic is finished,
it is very important to seal it with a Fluorocarbon, which is an
industrial-grade sealant. Some blistering of the silicone top sealant and
ageing of the materials may occur, but your mosaic tabletop will be
reasonably durable.
Caring For Your Mosaic Patio Furniture Mosaic outdoor tables show wear in
various ways. Small cracks in grout, small holes in stone surfaces, and
oxidation are commons signs of weathering, and will happen eventually
regardless of the mosaic patio furniture's quality.
Typical maintenance should include cleaning your mosaic patio furniture
with soap and water. Spills should be wiped up immediately to avoid
staining. Be careful to use only mild soap, and not detergents or
chemicals, as the latter will most likely damage the tabletops'
protective coating.
You should wash the wrought iron or aluminum frame with a mild soap, and
water, also. Make sure you rinse it and dry it thoroughly. Remember, iron
rusts. It's a good idea to treat the frames with liquid wax, as it will
protect our mosaic patio furniture from ultraviolet light. Be careful not
to use abrasives or chemicals as they may damage the finish.
As materials go, mosaic is not as durable as fine teak, so you most
likely will have to make sure you take reasonable care of it. Your mosaic
patio furniture will bring you beauty and grandeur for years to come if
cared for properly.
Elegant Mosaic table and chair sets will add style and flair to any
patio. See our large selection of furniture for your outdoor areas at
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