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									Buying Danish Teak Furniture
Teak furniture is wonderful for any household, but if you are looking for
the best quality that money can buy, Danish teak furniture is the one to
go for. You can find teak items for any house and in any style. You can
get chairs, tables, dressers, stools, shelves and much, much more.
The great thing about Danish teak furniture is that it is long lasting,
strong, always looks great and can be used for any style of home or era.
A solid teak dining room table will brighten up and give character to any
home and make your family dinners and parties an enjoyable time.
Vintage Danish teak furniture can be found all over Denmark and in fact,
all over the world. There are some famous designers of Danish teak
furniture like Greta Jalk, Hans J Wegner and Borge Mogensen who have
turned furniture making into an art using some of the best wood available
and crafting it into modern, classic and vintage designs.
One of the most important things when you buy a teak piece is how to
maintain it and restore it if need be. You should contact a professional
company that is experienced in furniture restoration of specifically teak
furniture to get the best out of your old furniture pieces. One of the
most important products to buy along with any teak furniture is teak oil
to keep it looking perfect and well conditioned.
Teak is the type of vintage furniture that is most popularly collected
and sought after. This is because it has properties that make it durable
for use outside and does not really need to be polished or varnished that
often. It is also very resistant to termites and makes for excellent
choice of furniture for countries that have a termite problem.
Teak furniture experienced a boom in the 1950's and 1960's when it was
taken by the Danish and created into a contemporary style called Danish
Modern. This is where many of the vintage pieces are from and people will
pay a large sum of money for Danish teak furniture like this. It is more
than just furniture and is in fact a status symbol for many people. Aside
from being quite rare and very resistant to the elements and used on
various outdoor items like boats and buildings, this type of wood will
actually last more than 70 years standing out in the rain, wind and
extreme heat.
Teak furniture is used commonly in the form of outside chairs and tables,
loungers, Muskoka chairs for near the poolside and in various hotels,
benches, umbrellas, and many other marine uses. Over time, if teak
furniture is left untreated and exposed to the elements it will turn a
silvery grey color or patina. This does not harm the wood and is merely
cosmetic. It is the result of the oxidation and weathering of chemicals
and occurs mainly on metals, like the green color on the Statue of
Liberty and various bronze coins.
Cecil Lilliston is author of this article on Teak Furniture.
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